501 garmin fish finders for sale in alabama

Garmin 501 Fish Finders For Sale in Alabama

If you’re looking to buy a fish finder, the 501c model from Garmin will be a great option. This fish finder comes with a tilt/swivel mount that houses both power and sonar connections. It also doubles as a theft-deterrent, since the mount snaps onto a quick-release clasp. It can be easily mounted to the dashboard of your vessel or the transom of your trolling motor. The user manual for this fish finder has helpful illustrations to help you with installation. fish finders on amazon

The 501c has a high-quality HD-ID sonar and supports a 50/200 kHz transducer. Its dual-beam sonar provides clear and crisp images of fish and structure up to 2,300 feet. You can even set the display to show details from the bottom of the water, including drop offs and other activity. The 501c has a user-friendly interface, a five-inch LCD color display, and a sonar history rewind feature.