are fish finders alowed in bassmaster

Are Fish Finders Permitted in Bassmaster Tournaments?

When participating in fishing tournaments, it is common to encounter discussions about whether or not fish finders are permitted. In most fishing tournaments, fish finders are allowed to be used, though some may have stricter rules on the matter. A fish finder is an excellent tool to help you identify areas where monster fish are likely to be found. In general, most game fish are related to underwater cover, such as brush piles, rocks, and downed trees. best fish finders on the market

Bass fishermen must cast to strike bass on artificial baits while avoiding foul hooking them. They must also release any bass that they hook. They must also follow all rules regarding the use of trolling motors and outboard motors. In addition, participants must use only one fishing rod at a time. However, they may keep a spare in the boat. In addition, electronic tracking devices are not allowed for use in a bassmaster tournament. The exceptions are graph charts and sound mimicking devices.

A recent survey by Bassmaster has revealed that more than half of the top 12 competitors used chartplotters and fish finders during the Bassmaster Classic. Moreover, more than half of the competitors used a chartplotter, which has helped them achieve a high-level of success.