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Dale Hollow Fish Finder

Dale Hollow Lake is home to an abundance of rainbow, lake, and walleye trout. Anglers may choose to camp or stay at one of the many marinas. Camping in this popular fishing destination is easy and provides a wide range of facilities, including boat ramps, restrooms, and lodging. lowrance portable fish finders

The lake is a popular fishing destination and is home to world record-sized fish. The lake has 620 miles of shoreline and a bottom composed of boulders, broken rock, and gravel. Dale Hollow is also home to several species of coontail. The lake is also covered with bluffs, river bends, and timber.

The lake is also known for its trophy smallmouth bass. The world record for smallmouth bass was caught on Dale Hollow in 1955. This fish weighed 11 pounds, 15 ounces. The lake is home to many 14 to 18-inch smallmouth, and there are a good number of fish weighing eight pounds and over.

The waters in Dale Hollow are very shallow at night. While most smallmouth lakes have a nighttime depth of 30 feet, Dale Hollow fish dwell in only 15 feet. Because they are at such shallow depths, Nuckols keeps a close eye on water levels. He believes this is due to the oxygen content of coon-tail grass.

Dale Hollow Dam, as it is known, provides valuable flood control. The dam, built in 1943, impounds the Obey River, creating Dale Hollow Lake. It is also home to three power generators that produce hydroelectric power in the area. Today, Dale Hollow Lake is a popular destination for anglers.

The lake covers approximately 27,000 acres of land in Kentucky and Tennessee. It was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide water for the area. In 1955, a 30-year-old Kentucky man named David Lee Hayes, then the president of DG Hayes Wholesale Grocery, was a frequent visitor to the lake.