Best Way to Store Kayaks Outside in Summer

best way to store kayaks outside in summer when being used occasionallly

Unless you use your kayak every day, the best way to store your kayak outdoors in the summer is in a dry garage. This method is the most convenient and secure. To protect your kayak, you should use a foam stabilizer. This stabilizer is made of Nitrylon or PVC material. You can also purchase a foam hanger if you need one. It will prevent the stern from getting damaged while storing.

Overhead suspension systems

The best way to store kayaks outdoors in summer is to stow them next to something sturdy that is above ground level. If possible, secure the tarp over the kayak. If you do not do this, your kayak may become damp and susceptible to mould and fungi. Moisture is also a common problem when storing kayaks outdoors. Make sure the location is dry and cool. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, which can encourage mould and fungi growth.

To save space and avoid damaging the hull, hang your kayak on a rack or ceiling. You can buy suspenders online to hang your kayak from. If you do not want to spend money on suspenders, hang your kayak horizontally. Make sure the hull faces the wall, so that it does not get damaged while being stored outdoors. For added security, alternate sides while hanging your kayak.

If you want to keep your kayaks out of the elements, consider placing them in a garage or shed. These are both ideal locations because they will protect your kayak from UV rays and extreme temperature changes. However, you must take care not to expose them to direct sunlight and excessive humidity. If possible, place them under an awning or carport that is covered by tarpaulin.

If you do not intend to use your kayak regularly in the summer, consider storing it indoors. If your kayak has two bulkheads, it is easier to right. Having two bulkheads is also advantageous because it makes it easier to store outdoors. And, if you do decide to use your kayak frequently outside, be sure to cover the kayak with a tarp or sheet.

Rigid brackets

There are many advantages to hanging your kayak from the ceiling instead of storing it on a rack or wall. Hanging your kayak from the ceiling saves space and keeps it from rusting, allowing you to display it as a decorative item while not in use. A rack or wall mount is also more secure, and a tarpaulin can protect it from the elements and from direct sunlight. You should choose a location that’s hidden from view and secure with a cable lock.

Another advantage of rigid brackets for storing kayaks outdoors is their ability to protect the kayak from the elements. If you store your kayak vertically on the floor, you can easily damage the stern. However, if you store your kayak horizontally, you should always keep the cockpit facing out and the bottom of the hull facing the wall. If you store your kayak horizontally, be sure to alternate sides, as this will help prevent damage to either side of the boat.


The best way to store your kayak outside in the summer is under a tarp made of heavy-duty Nitrylon. This material protects your kayak from the sun and prevents it from absorbing water. It is also better for the environment than PVC. When storing your kayak outside, you need to keep it clear of fallen limbs and snow piles.

If you don’t have the funds to buy a dehumidifier, you can buy one for your garage to reduce moisture levels. However, dehumidifiers require constant emptying of the water. Keeping the garage consistent can increase the life of your kayak. Likewise, never store your kayak on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.

Before storing your kayak, be sure to clean it thoroughly. Wipe off all debris before storing it. Use a mild soap to clean the kayak and keep it clean. Avoid strong chemicals that can damage your kayak’s finish. If you use an inflatable kayak, make sure to deflate it first before storing it outdoors. Inflated kayaks are easier to store than rigid ones. Be sure to completely dry your kayak before storing it. Don’t store it too tight to avoid strong pressure. It can deform your kayak if left outdoors for a long time.


The best way to store a kayak outside in the summer can be a simple, convenient solution. In places with good airflow, kayaks will dry more quickly, reducing the need to store them indoors. You can mount a kayak rack on a wall or ceiling to save space and keep the boat off the ground. Do not suspend the kayak from handles, as this can cause deformation. Alternatively, you can hang the kayak directly from the ceiling.

The best way to store a kayak outside in the summer is to store it on a stable object, not directly on the ground. To prevent damage, cover it with a heavy-duty tarp. Make sure that the kayak is in an area without excessive heat or cold. The sun can also be very harmful, so it is important to store your kayaks in a protected area.

Before storing a kayak outside, you should always thoroughly clean it. If you have used the kayak recently, dust, sand, and dirt may have accumulated on the hull. Cleaning the hull with fresh water is essential, as the hull will stretch out if there is an uneven weight distribution. This is not a good storage solution for a plastic kayak. However, you should try to clean it at least twice a year to maintain its pristine condition.

Aside from storing your kayak in a shed, you should also protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. Direct sunlight and high temperatures can damage your kayak, and UV rays can cause fading of the hull. To protect your kayak from the heat, you can install a tarpaulin over it or a wall. When choosing the best place to store your kayak, be sure to secure it with a cable lock.

Dry bag

If you plan on storing your kayak outside during the summer months, it is important to protect it from the elements. You may find it hard to keep everything completely dry inside the kayak, but a dry bag is a great solution. Dry bags can be easily placed inside built-in kayak compartments and come in different sizes and shapes. Which type is best for you depends on the contents you plan to store in the kayak.

A dry bag will be the best way to protect your kayak from the elements and keep it safe. You can get a large one to store everything. However, if you’re only using your kayak occasionally, a small one may be all you need. A double dry bag can also be a good option. It is important to use a dry bag for items you don’t want to get wet, such as sunscreen.

If you plan to pack the kayak for camping trips, you’ll want to invest in a longer sit-in kayak. It’s best to place lighter items on the ends of the kayak, while heavier ones should be placed in the center. A dry bag also helps you keep your kayak in good condition by preventing rust. You can get a dry bag for $6 at a rental shop.

A dry bag is also the best way to store a kayak during the summer months, especially if you are not using it often. Dry bags can hold a large amount of gear, including a sleeping bag and tent components. A smaller one can hold a few days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. And the smallest one can hold tools and electronics. However, not all dry bags are the same. Choose the one with the highest waterproofing.

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