can fish finders pick up dead space

How Do Fish Finders Pick Up Dead Space?

Fish finders have different ways of detecting dead space underwater. One way is through the use of sonar. They emit waves that bounce back at different intensities when they detect dead space or brush. These signals are sent from the bottom of the water, and the fish finder will show them as different colors on the display. marcum fish finders

Other methods include the use of an icon on the display to identify individual fish. However, these systems may not always pick up dead space. They may also pick up objects that aren’t fish, such as underwater vegetation or objects. This requires the user to interpret the information that the finder displays. In some cases, turning the fish icons off may help the fish finder display more accurate data.

A fish finder’s capabilities can help you determine the species, depth, and temperature of the water. You can also use the device to determine the location of your fishing spot. Some units even have GPS so that you can use them for navigation purposes. You can also slow down the boat to let the fish finder scan the area.