Current Designs Breeze and Squall Kayaks

what are curreny design kayaks

If you’re interested in buying a new kayak, it’s important to know what’s available on the market. Current Designs makes a variety of models, including the Breeze and Squall families. Here’s some information on each one. You can also click on each one for more details.

Current Designs

Current Designs makes a wide range of kayaks, including a range of touring kayaks. The Current Designs Breeze is a touring kayak that has a long cockpit and padded thigh braces. It also has a generous stern hatch and a secure bow buoyancy chamber. This rotomolded touring kayak is also equipped with full deck rigging and perimeter safety lines.

Current Designs kayaks are widely recognized for their quality construction, comfort, carrying capacity, and innovation. The company was founded in British Columbia in the early 1980s by Brian Henry. Early production kayaks included the Equinox and Pisces. Later on, Current Designs introduced the Solstice line, which is the company’s flagship kayak line. Since then, Current Designs has created the Gulfstream with legendary British kayaker Derek Hutchinson, as well as the hard-chined Caribou.

Current Designs has remained a leading name in kayaking for many years, and their kayaks are now considered top quality. Their recreational kayaks are incredibly popular and are well designed for long-day paddles. The comfort of these boats means that they are more forgiving than other styles of touring kayaks.

Kestrel family

The Kestrel family of curreny-design kayaks features the industry’s best recreational hulls, making them both responsive and comfortable to paddle. The Kestrel kayaks are also lightweight and easy to carry. Standard outfitting includes rescue lines, deck bungees, and a wide cockpit opening.

The Kestrel 140 is an excellent recreational kayak at a budget-conscious price. It’s a solid boat that’s perfect for a day trip with the family or for all-around outdoor activities. It features a deck with extra storage, and flattened side decks for easy rod holder mounting. It’s also lightweight, weighing just 43 pounds.

The Sea Eagle is another composite model. It’s easy to cartop and has an attractive finish. It paddles like a dream, and is able to take waves from other boats well. It’s easy to maneuver, with plenty of storage space and bungie cords on the top.


If you are looking for a 16-foot touring kayak, you may want to look into the Curreny Design Squall kayak. This kayak has a long waterline and minimal rocker in the bow and stern, which gives it excellent speed and handling in calm and rough waters. The Squall GTS is a slightly smaller version of the Squall. It also comes with a rudder and cockpit cover.

Although smaller than the Storm, the Squall kayak offers most of the Storm’s features and makes for a good day tripper. It’s a narrow craft that’s easy to transport, but still has enough room for a few days of gear. Its shallow “V” hull creates a lively feeling and a strong feeling of security, which helps you maintain control even while leaning to one side.

The Squall GTS is a modernized version of the Squall. Its additional width helps increase initial stability and gives the paddler more room to stretch out and pack gear. The Squall GTS is also equipped with a user-friendly keyhole cockpit and a Dimension Adjustable Seat Back.


The Breeze is a contemporary design kayak with high-performance features. It has excellent speed for its size, a comfortable seat, and is constructed from quality Rotomolded Polyethylene. However, its tracking is substandard, and it would benefit from a rudder and skeg. The upward-facing bow makes it have a small footprint on the water, and it also acts as a sail in windy conditions. This makes it difficult to control, and corrections are often required.

Modern sailing boats feature a low-drag hull, but they still require appendages for lateral resistance. Kayaks do not need these. They can be easily powered and have plenty of convenient power. And, with their low-drag hull, they are perfect for a wide range of recreational activities.

A contemporary design kayak is a good choice for anyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors. Kayaks can be used for fishing, relaxing, and family recreation. Moreover, they are very durable, making them an excellent investment.

Equinox GTS

The Curreny Design Equinox GTS kayak is a great kayak for those who want a comfortable ride with excellent glide and acceleration. It also offers an ergonomic seat with supportive backrest and knee pad. The current model features an efficient, compact size that is ideal for shorter trips. The hatches are well padded for extra comfort, and it has a user-friendly deck layout. It also has recessed fittings and color-matched hatch covers, which will be familiar to fans of the Solstice kayaks.

The Equinox GTS kayak is a smaller version of the Solstice GTS, and it has some of the same features. The GTS is a great choice for smaller paddlers because it has good tracking and efficient maneuverability. It also has plenty of storage space. It also tracks well with the skeg down and has user-friendly foot braces.


Squamish kayaks offer a unique blend of British and North American concepts. Their Solstice line features an external rudder, while the Squamish features a retractable skeg. These features offer superior initial stability and a secure feel. The Squamish also features a low-profile stern deck, like those found in British boats.

The Squamish is a sporty rotomolded kayak that offers excellent touring performance. It’s lightweight and a great choice for smaller paddlers. This kayak is only two years old and in near-new condition, making it a great entry-level boat. The rotomolded deck and hull make it stable and easy to maneuver, and the Squamish includes a cockpit cover for safety. It’s also ideal for waterfront access.

Squamish kayaks come in several different styles, each with their own distinct characteristics and advantages. Some models are narrower and longer, while others are more forgiving. Some models even feature a hatch for easy entry and exit. While these kayaks are suitable for beginners, they are not recommended for big paddlers.

Squall R

The Current Design Squall GTS kayak is a versatile sporty tripping kayak with two large hatches. Its hull is nearly flat and features minimal rocker in the bow and stern. With an 86×42-cm seat, the Squall is perfect for both small and larger paddlers.