Current Designs Kayaks – Squall, Solara 120, and Squall Roto

what are curreny design kayaks

If you are looking for a new kayak, Current Designs has some very nice models to choose from. These include the Squall, Solara 120, and Squall roto. Click on the individual kayaks for more information. You can also click on the pictures to see a larger view of the models.

Current Designs

Current Designs produces a variety of kayaks that are aimed at recreational kayakers. Its flagship Vision series features five different sizes, including a tandem model. A lot of these kayaks have features that make them good for day touring, such as large storage areas. They are also lightweight, making them great for short trips.

Current Designs kayaks are known for their innovation, durability, and safety. They’ve been producing high quality kayaks since the 1980s and have many models to suit different paddlers. The company was started by Brian Henry in British Columbia, Canada. Its first production boats were West coast cruisers, including the Equinox and Pisces. The company expanded into making kayaks for recreational paddlers as well, introducing a complete line of rotomolded plastic and composite kayaks.

The company’s Solstice kayak is an excellent choice for aspiring paddlers and experts. It has an easy-to-use skeg, comfortable back band, and recessed deck fittings. It also comes standard with day hatches. Its performance is impressive, but some users have complained about the discomfort of the seat. However, this is a common complaint among paddlers of all brands. Moreover, owners have reported problems with weathercocking and leaking bulkheads.

The company offers recreational sea kayaks and transitional (day touring) models. You can also choose from different steering systems. You may want to opt for a rigid skeg if you’re not yet experienced. If you’re looking for a kayak that’s lightweight, a traditional rotomolded kayak is not the best option.

The Karla is another model of current Designs kayaks. This kayak is designed for beginners, but advanced paddlers will also find the Karla a comfortable ride. Its stiff hull helps transfer energy to the wave, and it’s quick to catch small waves. It’s great for wave riding and carving ahead of a foam pile. Its 21″ beam makes it easy to maneuver for beginners as well as for experienced paddlers.

The size of a kayak is a vital consideration. Its width and length determine its ability to move water. Consequently, the heavier it is, the more displacement it generates. If your kayak is too heavy to carry loads, it will not be as efficient as a smaller one.


The Squall kayak is an excellent choice for a day trip or a touring trip. It is an agile kayak with a good tracking ability even without a rudder. It is relatively compact, with enough room for two days’ worth of gear. The slender bow and stern provide a nimble feel on the water.

The Squall GTS is a sleek rotomolded kayak with a keyhole cockpit, a modernized deck, and hidden rudder haul lines. It is an excellent kayak for extended trips but is also a good choice for weeknight trips and shorter weekend trips. The Squall GTS comes standard with a Dimension Adjustable Seat Back. This kayak is made of polyethylene.

This kayak is a smaller version of the Storm and offers many of the same features. While it is not as spacious as the Storm, it can carry enough gear for a longer day trip. It is also very stable and offers good handling even when it is leaned on its side. The cockpit is 29 1/2″ long, which allows for good contact and superb control.

Solara 120

The Current Designs Solara 120 kayak is a versatile recreational kayak that’s perfect for the whole family, from children to adults. It’s made of tough polyethylene and has a large, comfortable cockpit for easy entry and exit. The seat’s adjustable height and tilt pan allow for a comfortable seating position. It’s also available in a tandem version that’s 14.5 feet long.

During this annual event, you can purchase raffle tickets or commemorative T-shirts to be entered in the drawing to win a Current Designs Solara 120 kayak worth over $900. The T-shirts are available online or during the event for $20 and are sold quickly. You can purchase tickets for the raffle at any of the event’s lodging or resorts.

For added convenience, the Current Design Solara has a convenient work deck console. The console features a waterproof EZ Latch dry hatch, two cup holders, and a Scotty rod holder with mount. It also has a retractable rudder so you can maintain course under all conditions.

The Solara paddle kayak is perfect for families looking to have fun on the water. It’s easy to maneuver, with excellent glide and a cockpit that’s comfortable enough for all ages. It also has ample storage space for all the essentials that a family needs for a weekend trip. In fact, you can even pack ultralight backpacking gear.

Squall roto

The 16-foot CD Squall has a shallow V hull with rounded chines, which provides a moderate amount of initial stability and a consistent secondary stability. This design also allows the paddler to roll the kayak onto its side to provide more nimble turning and spinning.

The sleek design and efficient hull of the Squall GTS makes it an excellent rotomolded kayak. Its hull design was inspired by the Solstice family of kayaks, which was revised in 2012. This rotomolded kayak is a great choice for extended trips. It also features an ergonomic keyhole cockpit, a modernized deck, and hidden rudder haul lines. The Squall GT is also very durable, making it a perfect companion for long trips.