diy fish finder mount

DIY Fish Finder Mount

There are several different ways to mount a DIY fish finder, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are many advantages to a pedestal mount over the RAM ball and socket mount, however. Pedestal mounts offer stability in rough water. There is also the option to add a bridge mount, which is a sheet metal bracket that provides a convenient location for your primary fish finder. But before you start making your own mount, you need to consider the purpose of your mount. tandem fishing kayaks

RAM mounts are excellent for smaller boats and can be installed in a variety of locations, including on the console. They are typically sturdy but may not be as stable as a gimbal mount. Alternatively, you can mount your fish finder directly into your boat’s dashboard. This method is best for boats that have limited space. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you have enough space to mount your finder before you start using it.

Nate Marling, a kayaker, shows you how to build a kayak transducer mount. This DIY fish finder mount attaches to the kayak via rails and hinges to raise the sonar unit out of the water. Nate also upgraded the wood used for the mount’s components from pine to maple. Nate marling uses his homemade transducer mount to haul in fish. He demonstrates the construction process step-by-step.