double fish finders trouble

How to Troubleshoot Double Fish Finders

One way to troubleshoot a double fish finder is to double-check its installation. My fish finder was installed by a marine shop that I trust. Unfortunately, it had some issues after the install. The marine shop had mounted it behind a strake that interfered with its proper operation. best fish finders under $200

If your fish finder is more than four years old, it is time to upgrade. It is also important to have it properly installed to get the best results. A bad installation can lead to problems with the fish finder’s transducer. Make sure to get an installer with experience, as you don’t want to end up with a broken transducer.

Fish finders represent fish using arches, which are sizes that correspond to the size of the fish. A full arch indicates a large fish, while a half arch means a small fish. You must learn where to look for the arches to identify which fish are present. A wide arch with a lot of color usually indicates a large fish, while a small arch will indicate a small one.

You can also use a fish finder with both digital and graphical depth readings. Using both devices at the same time is a bad idea. Their frequencies will conflict, resulting in inaccurate readings. If you want to get a more accurate reading, use a single depth sounder instead of two.