downvision fish finders

Downvision Fish Finders

Downvision fish finders offer the highest resolution of any sonar available. These devices use CHIRP Sonar to deliver a range of wavelengths for maximum clarity. The unique CHIRP DownVision technology combines these wavelengths to produce photo-like sonar images. It also delivers superior deep-water performance up to 600′ and reliable bottom tracking. fish finders for pontoon boats

CP100 CHIRP DownVision sonars feature photo-realistic imagery that makes it easy to distinguish bait from predators. The CHIRP DownVision(tm) technology can image underwater structures like wrecks and reefs with unprecedented fidelity. This fish finder also features a second CHIRP channel for even greater fidelity.

CHIRP DownVision sonars are compatible with Raymarine’s multifunction displays and are designed to give anglers the best possible view of the ocean floor. SideVision sonars use the same CHIRP sonar technology as DownVision, but with an increased resolution of 1.2 megahertz. Both SideVision and DownVision utilize Raymarine’s CHIRP signal processing to deliver superior resolution and long-range performance.

DownVision sonars can be paired with smartphones or tablets to give you a clearer picture of the fish beneath your boat. The CHIRP DownVision(tm) sonar is a highly sensitive, photo-like technology, and compatible devices can stream sonar data to your mobile device.