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Fish Finders – How Do They Work?

A good fish finder will help you identify baitfish and other small fish. Baitfish are often in schools and appear as large blobs on the screen. Baitfish are generally yellow in color and can be distinguished by their shape. Baitfish can also appear as a cluster or cloud. best gps fish finders

Fish finders also help you know the size of fish. Using a transducer, they measure the arch of the fish. However, it is important to remember that a longer arch doesn’t always mean that a larger fish is nearby. A smaller arch means the fish is close to the transducer.

Fish finders can also help you identify the species of fish. Some even show pictures of fish beneath the boat. They can also show where to drop bait and how fish react to the bait. They can also show you the schools of fish nearby. They can even help you identify the fish you are catching.