Feelfree Kayaks Review

where are feel free kayaks made

Feelfree kayaks are made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE), which is a thick plastic that has a nice feel to it. They also have a solid build and a moulded-in bow handle that doesn’t dig into the hand. The front seat foot rests have a small curved area, which could be used to attach other accessories.

Lure 11.5

Feelfree Kayaks have brought kayak fishing to a whole new level with their stability, comfort, and versatility. Their Lure 13.5 is the big brother of the Lure 10, and is designed for big paddlers, big fish, and big water. Here’s a review of the Lure 13.5 and what it has to offer.

The Lure 11.5 V2 is an evolution of pedal powered kayaks, with a sleek look and modern features. This pedal-powered kayak offers effortless speed, versatility, and adaptability. The Overdrive unit has forward and reverse pedal capabilities, and the optional Motordrive attachment makes moving it even easier.

This kayak has an incredibly comfortable seat with adjustable heights. Compared to the smaller models, the Lure 11.5 is easy to maneuver and tracks well in the water. The design of the keel helps prevent it from getting caught in wind. It also features side rails that make it easy to reach and customize for comfort.

Moken 10 Standard

The Moken 10 Standard is a stable, comfortable kayak that is ideal for small waters. Its molded polyethylene hull provides rigidity and a stable ride that will handle the bumps of the water. Its four storage compartments include two side pockets on either side of the seat and a console, and a rubber-topped compartment directly in front of the seat.

The Moken 10 Standard comes with features that make it a popular fishing kayak. It provides the stability and comfort of larger boats but with a smaller price tag. The kayak comes with a rudder, flush-mount rod holders, and ample storage.


The Gemini Sport is a good choice if you want a comfortable and easy-to-maneuver kayak. It comes with moulded seats and a footrest. It also has two hatches with elasticised bungees, and side carrying handles. It also comes with an optional ‘Wheel in the Keel’ feature, making it easy to haul and store.

This sit-on-top kayak is suitable for a pair, a couple, or even a child. It features a wheel in the keel, integrated side handles, and a half-size centre seat for a child. It is also perfect for inland waters and light surf.

The hatch is covered in rubber, which hides a mesh storage bag. This is useful for carrying jackets and lunches, and it also provides easy access to the hull underneath. The hatch can also be useful for installing a fish finder. However, the hatch cover is tight to close, so you may have to get help when trying to remove it.

Gemini 2

The Feelfree Gemini 2 sit-on-top kayak is an excellent performing tandem kayak for two people. This kayak features a spacious center seat, a built-in drain plug, and a wide deck for easy maneuverability. The Gemini is a stable, sturdy kayak that handles well on an open ocean or in good size surf. It is constructed with durable polyethylene and has nice features, including seat rests and hatches. It also has a wheel in the keel for easy portability.

The Gemini is a versatile kayak that is great for fishing, exploring, and snorkeling. It has two 8-inch hatches on the sides, a rear storage well, and recessed areas for rod holders. It is comfortable for both small and large paddlers, and it is easy to carry.

Gemini 3

The Feelfree Gemini kayak is a great performing tandem kayak that can comfortably fit two paddlers, as well as a small child or pet in the center. It’s also easy to carry with a Wheel in Keel, making it a good choice for family outings on the water.

It features a moulded seat, footrest and two hatches. There’s also plenty of room for a dry bag. It also comes with side carry handles and a wheel in the keel. The Gemini is a versatile kayak that can accommodate any activity you can imagine.

The Gemini kayak is an excellent choice for fishing. It has ample space in the center for a child, as well as a skeg that will improve tracking. It can also be rigged with paddles for added fishing capability.

Gemini 4

The Feelfree Gemini is a comfortable and stable sit-on-top kayak with a wheel in the keel that makes it easy to transport. It also has room for a child or pet in the center seat and is ideal for family outings. It is made of polyethylene and is made to last. It has nice hatches, seat rests, and a finish that looks great in the water.

The kayak is made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and feels solid. It also has a moulded-in bow handle that won’t dig into your hand. The kayak also has a curved area before the front seat footrests that could be used for mounting an accessory.

Gemini 5

If you are looking for a kayak for two people that is stable and fast, the Gemini 5 is a great choice. It features a padded foam seat, an integrated wheel in the keel, and extra long hull for stability. It is a great kayak for families outings and is easy to transport with its Wheel in Keel system. The Gemini is a second-generation time-tested design.

This kayak’s bow has a storage hatch covered in rubber and a mesh storage bag. This allows you to carry a jacket and a lunch without taking up too much space. The rear has plenty of space for storing accessories, and the rear of the kayak has rectangular accessory points. These points can also be fitted with Feelfree Flush Mount Rod Holders. This kayak is an excellent choice for calm coastal waters or inland waters.

Gemini 6

The Feelfree Gemini is a sit-on-top kayak that is ideal for two people. It is easy to jump in and has plenty of practical features. At just over 31 inches wide at the back seat, this kayak is stable and handles well in calm coastal waters and small surf. The kayak is made from a durable polyethylene material and has a stylish finish. It also features a drain plug and a wheel in the keel that makes transporting it easy.

This kayak is also great for family outings. Its extra long hull allows you to fit two adults and a child in the center. You can paddle with your family and friends, or paddle it solo. The kayak is stable and efficent, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers. You can add a Feelfree Deluxe Seat to make it more comfortable for everyone.

Gemini 8

The Gemini 8 feel free kayak from Feelfree is a versatile sit-on-top kayak that’s suitable for two people. It’s stable and easy to jump on, and it offers a lot of practical features. It measures 31 inches wide at the back seat and tapers to an elegant form, making it easy to maneuver in open water or small surf. It’s made of durable polyethylene, and features nice features like hatches and plugs. It also has a wheel in the keel for easy transporting.

The Gemini 8 feel free kayak is designed for solo or tandem paddling and can comfortably carry two adults and a child in the center seat. Its tri-hull shape is very stable and quick, and it has a wheel built into the keel for easy paddling. You can also add a seat for a small child if you want.