fish finder mounts for bass boats

Fish Finder Mounts For Bass Boats

If you’re planning to add a fish finder to your bass boat, there are various mounting options available. Before purchasing a fish finder, it is necessary to understand how your boat is constructed and where it is best to install the device. While most fish finder mounts can fit in the center of the console, the side and aft mounting options require you to install the fish finder on the sides of the boat. Depending on which location you choose, your finder may need to be mounted on a gimbal or arm. best fishing kayaks

For smaller devices, there are dash bridge mounts that lift the fish finder off of the steering wheel or the dashboard. Some of these mounts are adjustable. They feature a small base and adjustable arms to fit a variety of fishing boats. However, these mounts may lose their grip over time and allow the locator to slip out of position. If this is an issue, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable mount for your bass boat.

A pedestal mount base adds height to your fish finder, and has predrilled holes for a gimbal. Some users prefer this mount over the RAM ball and socket mount because the knobs can be firmly tightened. Additionally, the pedestal mount is more stable, even in rough water. Moreover, if you want to remove your fish finder often, the pedestal mount is the best option for you.

There are many types of bass boat fish finder mounts available. Gimbal mounting is the most versatile option and provides the most flexibility, but isn’t always practical. Gimbal mounts have the advantage that they can be attached anywhere on the boat without causing damage to the boat. Gimbal mounts also have the advantage of allowing you to adjust the angle of your viewing while sitting or standing.

RAM mounts are another option. These are made of high-grade billet aluminum and clear anodized for long-term durability. Their positive locking tooth system is designed for micro adjustability and durability. RAM marine products are designed and machined in state-of-the-art CNC facilities and have been proven to stand up to salt fog. In addition to the mounting options, RAM also makes a variety of cases for your fish finder.

Fish finder mounts for bass boats are an excellent way to improve the visibility of your electronic device. A pedestal fish finder mount is one option for mounting your fish finder because it is positioned at eye level and reduces neck strain. You can even get one that is mounted on a pedestal for easy access. This option is also the easiest to install. When installed correctly, it will reduce the strain on your neck.