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Fish Finders For Boats – Finding Walleye in Lake Erie

When you are going fishing, you will need to make sure that you have the right equipment to find the fish. Lake Erie is a huge body of water, and the waves can be quite large. You will need a boat that is deep and stable. A deep V-hull is the best choice for the lake because it can absorb waves. Avoid a tri-hull boat, which has too much surface area and will get pounded by waves. You will also want to stay away from shallow “bass” boats and pontoon boats, as they are not appropriate for any distance off the shore. best fish finders under 200

You can get a variety of different fish finders for boats for the lake. The Garmin STRIKER(tm) 4 provides depth information and features a 3.5-inch color screen. It also has a high-sensitivity GPS and supports SideVu and ClearVu sonars. If you prefer a larger display, you can choose the Vivid series.

Another good choice is a fish finder for boats that can show you the location of fish and help you target them. This device will allow you to focus on the right area and get more fish. It will also give you more depth than a flat line and allow you to fish more lines on the same lake.

You should also look into the down imaging function of the fish finder. This technology uses two beams of sound to provide a photograph-like image of the lake bottom. This can help you find fish and structures that may be hidden from view by the water. This can cut down on your time spent finding fish by making the fishing process more efficient.

Walleye fishing is great in Lake Erie, and the best time to catch one is during the summer months. Fishing can continue through September, depending on the weather. Keep in mind that during this time, the lake can be slow. You’ll need to know the right places to look for the fish before you start casting the hook.

To make sure that you don’t miss any fish, make sure that you adjust the sonar settings. This is very important, as the wrong settings can affect your catch. There are different types of sonar and some have more benefits than others. Make sure that you pick one that offers the best value.

Another important feature to check out is the depth of the lake. This can make or break your trip, and a fish finder can be a great asset for determining the depth of the lake and how much fish you can catch. Using this device can help you avoid getting lost or getting into trouble in the lake. You will need to have a radio to contact the coast guard or a marine towing service if you run into trouble.

It is also important to keep in mind that waves can change quickly in Lake Erie. Although waves are generally less than ten feet, they’re still uncomfortable for boats under twenty feet. If they exceed four feet, you will find it difficult to return to shore.