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iBOLT Fish Finder Mounts

A fish finder mount will provide optimal viewing and secure mounting for a variety of marine electronics devices. Mounts can be found in a variety of sizes and configurations, and some models are made especially for certain types of marine electronics. iBOLT offers mounts for most fish finders and offers a variety of ball sizes and diameters. humminbird fish finders

A pedestal mount adds height and stability to a fish finder and includes pre-drilled holes for mounting arms. This mount is preferable over a RAM ball and socket mount. A pedestal mount can be tightened down hard, and is more stable in rough water. A bridge mount, which attaches to a sheet metal bracket, is another option for mounting a fish finder.

Whether you want to permanently mount your fish finder or move it around frequently, you’ll want to choose a mount that will allow easy mounting and removal. Some watercraft don’t have enough space for a large, bulky piece of marine electronics, so flush mounting is a great choice. Some new boats even come with flush mounts.

A pedestal mount reduces neck strain and provides a flat surface for your fish finder. However, it may restrict your view when driving. Be sure to get a leveling block to ensure the transducer stays level. The leveling block should be accurate and even so that your fish finder is flat.

A gimbal mount is another popular option. This mount is designed to hold a specific model and provides mounting holes. However, if you don’t have the space on your boat for a gimbal mount, you can use an RAM mount. This can be mounted next to the console or behind the trolling motor for maximum convenience. These mounts can also be used for locations where there is no available space.

The YakAttack Fish Finder Mounts are made of durable glass-reinforced nylon with a metal base. The metal base supports the device, and the plastic plate is removable using a lever release. It’s also compatible with a variety of kayaks, although you will need a separate adapter if you are using a kayak with a small transducer.

Installing a fish finder is easy. Once you’ve positioned the device in the mount, you can adjust it so that it can be adjusted to fit your boat. The iBOLT mounts are compatible with the GARMIN STRIKER(tm) line of fish finder products. These units have a color display and a 200-foot range.

For smaller boats, a transom mount is ideal. This mount is popular because of its simplicity, but the transducer is still at risk of being interfered with by water from the propeller. Another option is a side mount, where the transducer is mounted on a long pole. A side mount is also helpful for boat owners who don’t want to have the transducer installed through the hull.