fish finders rigs

Fish Finders Rigs

A fish finder rig is similar to the knocker rig, but the egg sinker is placed above the swivel. This allows the bait to stray away from the weight, giving you more time to work the bait. Casting upcurrent keeps the terminal tackle in front of a school of fish, which is crucial when fish are spooky. This rig also excels in current and deeper water. ebay fish finders

One of the most important aspects of a Fish Finder Rig is its ability to detect fish’s scents. This rig is most effective with cut bait, which is widely available at coastal Walmarts. If you’re fishing in deeper waters, you can also purchase fresh bunker or mullet from tackle stores. Live bait is less effective, since bottom bouncing will quickly kill the liveliness. To maximize scents, try cutting live bait in half or thirds.

Circle hooks are also great for fish finder rigs. The free motion of the hook makes it easy on the fish’s mouth. Circle hooks work best with live bait, and are not very effective with lures or large baits. When selecting a hook size, you need to determine the size of the bait and the hook itself. You can find out what size you need by examining the size of bait you are using and how much it weighs.

The basic idea of a Fish Finder rig is to keep the terminal tackle where it is most effective – where the action is! A Fish Finder rig works well with many different types of live bait as well as various artificial lures. You can even find them in saltwater! So whether you prefer to fish freshwater or saltwater, this rig will work for you. It is a great option for any type of fishing, and you’ll find it useful in a lot of situations.

The fish finder rig’s leaders are generally very thick and resist abrasion, which will keep the fish from cutting off the line. Monofilament is the most common material for fish finders rigs, and it is also more durable than braid. The pound test of the leader is dependent on the species of fish you are pursuing. If you’re fishing with sharks, for example, you’ll need a steel leader.

Another great use of the Fish Finder Rig is when you’re fishing in rough surf. This type of rig bounces and presents the bait bottom-up to resemble a dying or injured baitfish. The sinker is located above the swivel on the main line, and the rig works great in open waters where there is little structure or cover. This is the best rig for catching a large game fish!