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If you are a fan of kayaking, you should consider purchasing a Field & Stream Kayak. This sit-in kayak is made with HDPE construction and features dropped rails for better tracking. It also features an oval rubber storage hatch, foam seat and adjustable footrests. The company’s Charge Kayak is a great choice for people who want a recreational kayak for fishing, whitewater paddling, or general recreational use.


If you’re looking for a kayak that will suit your fishing and leisure needs, consider the multihull Field and Stream Blade. It has a non-slip deck and a tri-hull design. Its adjustable seat back and rod holders make it an excellent choice for fishing and recreational paddling. It also has paddle keepers and carry handles for ease of transportation. It also has plenty of storage space.

There are two types of kayaks: sit-on kayaks and sit-in kayaks. Despite their wide hulls, sit-on kayaks are easier to carry and tend to glide along. However, they don’t provide as much protection against wind and rain as sit-in kayaks. Also, sit-in kayaks are harder to recover from a flip. If you’re a beginner, consider buying a sit-on kayak.

Besides the charge and pro, Field & Stream also produces the Charge Kayak. The Charge Kayak is a versatile one-person sit-on kayak, featuring a drop-down design that helps improve tracking and agility. It also includes adjustable footrests, a foam seat, and an oval rubber storage hatch. It costs approximately $1000 and is available exclusively at Dicks Sporting Goods.


If you want to purchase a fishing kayak and aren’t sure which one to buy, consider the Field and Stream brand. These multi-purpose kayaks combine leisure paddling and fishing into one easy-to-use package. They are designed with non-slip decks and tri-hulls, and are generally slower than long, slim touring kayaks. You can also purchase a variety of accessories for your kayak, including roof racks, paddles, and safety gear.

If you like to go fishing, you can choose a Field and Stream Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak. It features enough stability for you to stand while paddling, and a storage compartment under the seat. The Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak also features paddle parks, cold storage, and a stand-assist strap. It also has a lot of storage space. This kayak is great for fishing because it offers plenty of space to store all of your gear.

Field & Stream offers several different styles and models of sit-in kayaks. You can choose the type of kayak that will work best for you. Choose one with a foam seat and adjustable footrests for a comfortable ride. This will make paddling more comfortable. It is also easier to get in and out of the kayak than a traditional sit-on-top kayak. However, you may want to consider the type of paddling experience you’d like to have before you decide on a Field & Stream kayak.

Shadow Caster

If you are looking for an easy to paddle, fishing kayak, you can’t go wrong with the Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak from Field & Stream. Featuring plenty of storage space and an elevated seat, this kayak is perfect for recreational paddling and fishing. Other features include stand-assist straps, paddle parks, and cold storage. Read below to discover more about this kayak and how it can help you improve your fishing skills.

The Shadow Caster makes a wide range of fishing and leisure kayaks, including a new line of fishing kayaks. This brand specializes in multi-hull kayaks. They are slower than long, slim touring kayaks, but they’re perfect for fishing in a variety of water bodies. The Field & Stream X-Wing is a popular retrofit for Shadow Caster kayaks.

Another popular field and stream kayak is the Charge, which is designed for recreational use. It features a comfortable seat with adjustable footrests and an HDPE construction. In addition, this model has a removable storage hatch and features drop-down rails to improve tracking. In addition, the Shadow Caster kayak has a tri-hull design and a non-slip deck. It’s also easy to transport.

Old Town Predator MX

The Predator MX is the most compact and lightweight of all Predators. The compact design helps you cover more water in less time, without sacrificing stability or capacity. The Element Seating System provides a comfortable vantage point for casting and viewing the water. It also includes a molded paddle rest and side-mount paddle storage system. Rods fit comfortably in the molded tip holders and the bungees keep them from rolling.

The Predator MX is a high-performance, sit-on-top kayak designed for anglers and hunters. It offers excellent primary stability and a fast pace without sacrificing stability. This kayak’s total length is about 12 feet, which makes it a popular choice among anglers and hunters. It also features molded handle grips on either end. The PDL 13 is another high-performance, pedal fishing kayak that is built to be taken wherever you need to go.

The PDL allows hands-free forward and reverse propulsion. The pedal drive is easy to install and tipping up the boat is instantaneous. The hull has a combination of stability and smooth pedal stroke-speed, and weighs just 117 pounds. If you’re a serious angler, the Predator MX might be the best choice for you. These boats have everything you need for a great fishing trip!


For recreational paddling, the Field & Stream Charge Kayak is the ideal companion. This sit-in kayak features a storage hatch and bungee system at the bow. It weighs around 50 pounds and is capable of holding up to 350 pounds of weight. It also features a foam seat and adjustable footrests. The Field & Stream Charge Kayak is made from durable HDPE material, and is available at Dicks Sporting Goods for about $1000.

The company also sells paddles for its kayaks. The Chute aluminum paddle works fine, and looks like it will hold up over time. It can be purchased online or at any Field & Stream retail location. For additional information, visit their website. Field & Stream paddles are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores nationwide. The company also offers kayaking lessons and rafts for rent.

Another option from the Field & Stream company is the Eagle Talon 12 Fishing Kayak. This model is great for recreational paddling, and is equipped with extras such as a camera mount, built-in front console storage, and bungee cord storage. It is lightweight at sixty pounds, and has features like an adjustable seat back and footrests. It also has a removable storage pod on the back.

Eagle Talon 120

If you’re planning on paddling a river or lake, the Eagle Talon 120 Field and Stream kayak will be a good choice. This kayak is incredibly stable and tracks well for its size. Other features include a locking center hatch, Scotty mount, two flush mount rod holders, a front hatch, adjustable foot pegs, a matching paddle, and custom beach wheels. However, despite its sturdy construction, it’s not a comfortable kayak to sit in.

The Field & Stream Eagle Talon 120 fishing kayak is an affordable option for the serious angler. This 12 foot fishing kayak comes with a padded seat, a molded-in well to hold a tackle box, and two flush mount rod holders with leashes. Its design allows for easy storage of your rods and tackle box, and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. Its design is extremely stable on the water and can be used by multiple people.


If you’re an adventurer who wants to be able to capture the moment with ease, the Field and Stream Blade Kayak is the perfect option. Features like a front console with storage space and bungee cord storage and an adjustable seat back will make paddling a breeze. The kayak’s sit-in design is a great addition to make it more comfortable and stable, and it even comes with thigh braces so you can keep your paddles and equipment close to your body.

Whether you’re a novice paddler or a seasoned veteran, the Field & Stream Charge Kayak is the perfect companion. This one-person sit-in kayak is made with a bungee storage system in the bow for a secure, convenient place to store your belongings. Despite its lightweight construction, the Field & Stream Charge Kayak can hold up to 350 pounds.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fishing pro, a Field and Stream Blade 97 is perfect for your next adventure. The lightweight, comfortable design and padded interior make it ideal for fishing. The Field and Stream Blade 80 also features an adjustable back and a spacious bottom for storage. Though it’s under eight feet in length, this model is perfect for transporting, storing, and storing it.

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