Garmin EchoMap UHD 73SV Fish Finder/Charterplotter Combo

Garmin EchoMap UHD 73SV Fish Finder/Charterplotter Combo

garmin echomap uhd 73sv fish finderchartplotter combo

If you are looking for a fish finder/chartplotter that’s easy to use and combines the convenience of a handheld device with advanced features, the Garmin EchoMap UHD 73sv fish finder/charterplotter combo may be the perfect choice for your fishing needs. This device features a large 7-inch touchscreen with 400 x 800 resolution, SideVu and QuickDraw Contours, as well as a variety of transducers from Panoptix.


The ClearVu fish finder/chart plotter combo for the Garmin Echo Map UHD 73SV is a powerful tool for fishermen. Its screen is seven inches with 400 x 800 pixels. It also has a large selection of transducers including the Panoptix LiveScope scanning sonar.

The ECHOMAP UHD CHIRP ClearVu US LakeVu G3 fish finder features a touchscreen chartplotter. The chartplotter includes a quick-release bail mount and a GT24 transducer for underwater viewing. It comes with preloaded maps and customizable mapping via the Garmin Connect app.

The ClearVu fish finder/chart plotter combo works on a 455 kHz or an 800 kHz frequency. It has a fan-shaped beam and is capable of producing crisp, monochromatic images. It is also capable of differentiating vegetation and manmade structures from fish. ClearVu allows anglers to quickly identify the best spots for fishing while minimizing the chance of getting lost in the water.


This fish finder/chartplotter is a powerful combination of both side-scanning sonar and Ultra High Definition (UHD) scanning sonar. With the UHD scanning sonar, you’ll see crisp images of fish and structure up to 200 feet below the surface. The screen size of the Echomap UHD 73sv can be adjusted to a wide range, and the side-scanning sonar can be used in saltwater and freshwater. The size of the screen depends on the transducer you choose and the conditions of the water.

The ECHOMAP ™ UHD 73SV offers a bright and highly visible 7-inch touchscreen. It also supports a range of optional transducers, including Minn Kota and ClearVu scanning sonars. In addition to being a powerful combo, the ECHOMAP UHD 73SV supports NMEA 2000 and multiple screens.

QuickDraw Contours

The new Garmin Echomap uHD 73sv fish finder/charterplotter combo adds QuickDraw contours to the display of the chartplotter. The QuickDraw contours display allows anglers to easily see the depth contours as the map is being created in real time. The contours are labeled and show the area scanned on a map. Likewise, it can show you underwater mountains, drop-offs, and crevices.

Users of the QuickDraw software can customize contours to their personal preferences, including color, shape, and size. It can also share these contours with the community on Garmin Connect. The software is available for download for the Garmin echoMAP UHD 73sv fish finder/chartplotter combo and compatible XM Radios. Users can also download maps to the unit using a free mobile app called ActiveCaptain.

The ECHOMAP uHD 73sv includes LakeVu HD maps that provide high-definition details of lakes and other bodies of water. With these maps, anglers can clearly view the underwater features of a lake or reservoir, including vegetation, rock formations, and weedbeds. The Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar in the ECHOMAP uhd 73sv also gives users the option to view one-foot contours.

BlueChart G3

The Echo Map UHD 72hp Transducer GT54 is a new Garmin fish finder/chartplotter combination. It has a seven-inch screen with 400 x 800 pixels, and is compatible with a variety of Garmin transducers. It also features Panoptix LiveScope scanning sonar.

The EchoMap UHD 73sv is equipped with both SideVu and Ultra High Definition sonar. The UHD scan mode requires a compatible transducer. It can reach depths of 2,300 feet in freshwater or 1,100 feet in saltwater. SideVu and ClearVu depths vary depending on the type of transducer and clarity of water.

The display on this fish finder/chartplotter combination is 7-inch HD backlit, making it easy to view from different angles. It also has a sensor to detect illumination. The 73sv is one of the most versatile fish finder/chartplotter combos on the market today. You can use it in any weather, day or night, and it has the flexibility to work in fog or poor visibility.

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