hdmi compatible fish finders

HDMi Compatible Fish Finders

HDMi compatible fish finders are the latest trend in marine electronics. They are designed to work well with your home entertainment system and are perfect for use on the helm. Some even have split-screen functionality for dual-screen viewing. There are some advantages to using an HDMi fish finder over a traditional radio and GPS unit. Listed below are some of the benefits of hdmi-compatible fish finders. cheap fish finders

The HDS series has several models with custom-upgrade options. You can opt for a 12-inch screen, active imaging, an awesome transducer, and LiveCast sonar. HDMi fish finders also support Bluetooth connectivity and C-Map Genesis. These models are great options for beginners and advanced anglers. They will help you to identify fish in your favorite locations, and you can even save your best spots on a map!

Elite-9 Ti2 – This model is capable of auto-routing your route and auto-plotting the safest path around fixed hazards. This fish finder requires Navionics+ or Platinum charts to work correctly. Other features of this HDMI fish finder include GPS plotter, SD card slot, and enhanced display technology. These features are ideal for anglers who want to view their results in 3D.