heavy duty fish finder mounts

Heavy Duty Fish Finder Mounts

Heavy duty fish finder mounts are available to fit a wide variety of devices. There are three main types of mounts – clamping, drill-down, and suction cup. Choosing the right one will depend on how much space your device will take up. If you have limited space, a Sure-Lok mount is best. It has locking capabilities and prevents your device from moving while on the water. kayaks for fishing

Pedestal mounts are great for smaller boats. They can range from one to four feet high, and extend from the deck of the boat. Pedestal mounts are popular for intense watching while fishing and with active imaging technology. They are also fairly durable, but you should remove them before traveling or storing your unit. Heavy-duty mounts are recommended for large fish finders. While pedestal mounts are not a long-term solution, they can be useful for a limited fishing trip.