history of hummingbird fish finders

The History of Hummingbird Fish Finders

The history of hummingbird fish finders traces back to the early days of sport fishing. In the 1960s, some sport fishermen compiled their own depth finders from Heathkit kits, and the company eventually became a company. But the company’s founders trace their origins back to an Alabama garage. The company, led by Tom Mann, was founded as a way to improve the Heath Kit. It soon rebranded these products under the Humminbird brand name and started building their own fish finders. In 1975, they introduced the Super Sixty, which became one of the best-selling fishfinders of all time. fish finders for boats

As the company continued to innovate, the company created new models for all types of anglers. The first model included an LCD dial, auto scale, and digital depth. The next model added color to the display. A five-inch display with a 640V x 640H resolution was introduced. In 2004, Humminbird sold the company to Johnson Outdoors Inc. The company has since continued to improve their products, touting their pioneering work in integrating GPS data into its units and introducing 360-degree imaging.

The company’s engineers also decided to use microprocessors to process sonar signals, and display graphic images. This led to the Humminbird LCR, a fish finder that showed the contour of the bottom in side-view, and the shape of the fish. In 1983, this new technology was considered better than any other type of LCD at the time.

As a company with a long history of research, Humminbird has been on the forefront of technological advances. They were the first to introduce the waterproof depth sounder and 360-degree SONAR. Humminbird’s Super Sixty was one of the best-selling devices in history. Despite its early success, Humminbird has remained committed to providing customers with superior customer support and price.

Today, Humminbird has several product lines and ancillary offerings like the Fishin’ Buddy and Helix. The Helix series is available with five to 12 inch screens and has various features, such as side imaging. The Solix series offers more advanced features and higher-end models. In addition to this, the PiranhaMax series is a low-end offering with a four-inch screen.

Humminbird is synonymous with innovation, and their Piranha series of entry-level fish finders were first introduced in 2002. In 2004, Humminbird introduced the SmartCast wireless technology, which opened the market to more recreational anglers. The company also introduced a line of professional fish finders that included advanced GPS and chartplotting capabilities. Today, Humminbird is a division of Johnson Outdoors, a company with an adventurous spirit and a legacy of innovation.