Hobie Outback With MirageDrive 180 – What Year Does the Mirage Drive Have a Reverse Option Installed For Hobie Kayaks?

what year does the mirage drive have a reverse option installed for hobie kayaks

If you are considering purchasing a Hobie Outback with the MirageDrive 180, you need to know a few things first. This will help you make the right decision when it comes to a motor for your new kayak. This will also help you ensure that you get the best performance from your MirageDrive 180.

Hobie Outback

The Hobie Outback has a powerful 180cc Mirage Drive with Kick Up Fins, which was developed through years of research and development. This pedal system is one of the most reliable and efficient systems for pedal kayaks. It has a unique design, and the innovative Kick-Up Fin Technology allows the rider to come up fin to fin with obstacles, allowing them to keep peddling and navigating through the water.

The Hobie Mirage Drive has excellent performance and a great turning radius. It also features reverse capability. A rear handle can be mounted for easy access. The Outback has multiple storage options, including a cargo area hatch and removable bins for tackle and spare items. The Outback Mirage Drive is easy to set-up and takes just a few minutes to go on the water. Its lightweight design makes it a durable choice.

The Hobie Outback features an innovative H-Rail accessory system, which allows you to mount a variety of Hobie accessories. This system uses short metal tubes, instead of a traditional gear track. Because of this, H-Rail is more durable than gear track, and it offers endless positioning possibilities. You can also easily install your electric motor using the power pole threaded mounts in the stern of the Outback.

Hobie Outback with MirageDrive 180

The Hobie Outback with MirageDrive 180 is a great all-around kayak. Its kick-up fins, wide stable hull, and smart rigging make it easy to control and maneuver. This kayak is perfect for lakes, ponds, bays, and marshy areas.

This kayak comes standard with four rod holders. However, many anglers choose to add PVC rod holder extensions to further customize their kayaks. This kayak also comes with six H-track mounting tracks, meaning there are plenty of options for adding accessories. The rear hatch features a small hookless rubber mesh pocket and a bottle opener.

This kayak is suitable for sheltered bays and inlets. It has a low-profile bow which makes it close to the water. If the water is choppy, water can breach the bow. However, this kayak drains quickly, so water doesn’t stay in the craft for long.

The Hobie Outback with MirageDrive 180 provides both forward and reverse pedal power. Moreover, it also features Kick-Up Fins, which automatically retract when they come in contact with an underwater obstacle. Moreover, this boat has a durable, lightweight hull with multiple hatches, including below-decks storage and a large bow hatch for additional storage. This boat also comes with dual rudder control and lever-operated rudder and centerboard deployment.

MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins

If you love the thrill of speed and confidence in the water, consider the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo fins for Hobie kayaks. This powerful and reliable kayak is made to overcome shallow water obstacles, while delivering a smooth and safe ride. The new kick-up fin technology automatically locks back into place when the kayak passes an obstruction, minimising damage and maintenance.

Hobie’s MirageDrive was first introduced nearly 25 years ago, but it has since undergone a number of upgrades. This new drive has more efficient fins, and Glide Technology puts all the moveable surfaces on ball bearings. This feature also allows for 180-degree rotation of the drive, allowing it to be used for both forward and reverse paddling.

The MirageDrive 180 features a pedal system that allows the fisher to control the boat without needing to steer it. It features a wide oversized cockpit, flat deck, and a sharp turning radius. It’s great for fishing, too, with its molded-in rod holders, H-Track accessory mounts, and transducer cavity.

MirageDrive 180 with ARC cranks

The MirageDrive 180 with ARC cranks are a revolutionary drive system for Hobie kayaks. They offer superior performance with a high-quality and durable build. They are able to move the kayak forward without any hassle and are easy to install and remove. The cranks adjust to fit a variety of sizes.

The MirageDrive 180 features several patented technologies. The Kick-Up feature lets you kick out of a snag by breaking away from underwater obstacles with a single pedal crank stroke. It also features ARC cranks that provide easy leg adjustments for greater efficiency. This motor also offers instantaneous full-power reverse and 180 technology.

The MirageDrive 180 comes with two types of drives, the ST and the ARC. The ARC cranks are the latest generation of the Mirage Drive. The ARC cranks provide increased speed while paddling and are a great alternative to traditional manual cranks.

The MirageDrive 180 with ARC cranks is a powerful and versatile paddle board that allows you to paddle quickly. It features a notch MirageDrive well, ARC cranks, and dual steering. It also features a spacious deck for casting, while the ergonomic design and large storage compartments provide comfort during fishing trips.


The Hobie Mirage drive is a great way to move your kayak, but it also has some limitations. In order to make the most of your drive, you should install a reverse option. A reverse option on a Mirage drive will enable you to turn your kayak around without losing control. In addition, a reverse option will allow you to get back to the starting point.

The Mirage drive was invented by Hobie, and the company has continued to improve it over the years. For example, newer models now have kick up fins, which allow you to go backwards. Other improvements include 180 drives, which allow you to go into reverse and spin the fins around. And the newest addition is the 360 mirage drive, which is capable of going in any direction.

Another option is a pedal drive system. However, pedal drives are noisy, which may put some people off. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to opt for a paddle with a pedal drive.

Choosing a 180 drive

There are several different features that make a 180 drive a better choice for your kayak. For one, the drive can move your kayak forward and reverse, while allowing you to fish with one hand. It can also rotate underwater. Choosing a 180 drive for your Hobie kayak should be done with caution.

The Hobie Mirage Drive 180 is a pedal drive system that can be switched between forward and reverse. The drive weighs under eight pounds and produces full power in both directions. This feature allows for unprecedented maneuverability. To change direction, simply pull the green shift cable for forward and red for reverse. The 180 drive also pivots the MirageDrive fins 180 degrees to provide maximum maneuverability.

Pedal Drives: While most Hobie kayaks use a pedal drive, you can also opt for an electric drive. The Hobie Mirage 180 has a pedal drive, and is available in 12 and 14-foot models.


The Hobie Mirage drive is a powerful, smooth motor that propels your kayak. The system is simple and easy to maintain. To get the best performance from your Miragedrive, lubricate it before each use. There are two types of lubricants available: Inox+. Inox is a low-viscosity fluid that repels corrosion and promotes smooth operation. Inox+ has a lower viscosity and will last longer than standard Inox.

The Mirage Drive is an important part of Hobie kayak maintenance. This system has been perfected over the past two decades. MirageDrive technology allows you to pedal without a paddle, allowing you to glide through shallow water with ease. The MirageDrive is easy to use and comes with adjustable ARC Cranks, which are perfect for different types of users.

Hobie has expanded the Mirage Drive line with new models that feature this advanced pedal propulsion system. The Mirage Passport is an entry-level model with quality pedal drive. And if you’re looking for a more advanced drive option, the Hobie MD 360 is a great choice. The MD 360 is a premium model that gives you the most maneuverability and control over your boat.