how do wifi fish finders work

How Do WiFi Fish Finders Work?

When fishing with a wifi fish finder, you’ll have the advantage of being alerted to the presence of fish in the vicinity of the device. The device works by sending a signal to the transducer which then displays this signal on the screen. There are several ways of mounting a WiFi fish finder; the most popular is a transform mount, but for more sophisticated installations, you can opt for a through-hull mount. The material of the transducer depends on the type of kayak you use. best kayak fish finders

The transducer of a WiFi fish finder connects with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth or WiFi. You can use WiFi or Bluetooth models; however, WiFi models provide better connection range and stability through obstacles and interference. It is recommended that you opt for a WiFi-enabled device if you’re fishing on a remote location or on a rented boat. Also, portable fish finders can be easily packed in your fishing backpack.

WiFi fish finders are portable devices that use the latest technology to locate fish in the sea. The smallest portable fish finder systems revolve around a sphere about the size of a golf ball that houses a transducer. This is cast out or mounted on a kayak and sends a signal to a smartphone app. The app displays images of the bottom and the fish within it. Some of these portable devices even come with a GPS plotter and social networking capabilities to connect users.