how jackson kayaks are made

How Jackson Kayaks Are Made

When you purchase a Jackson Kayak, you might be wondering how they’re made. This article will provide an overview of the process that Jackson uses to create its kayaks. First of all, the company builds its hulls in a mold that is specifically designed for kayaks. Then, they attach the stuff to the hull in an efficient manner, such as using cross-linked materials. This process produces a kayak that is exceptionally stable. sit on top fishing kayaks

After working as a brand manager for a kayak company for over a decade, Jackson started competing in paddling competitions and training for the Olympics. He then moved to Tennessee and opened a second $6.5 million manufacturing facility. He also continues to compete on his fishing tour, which allows him to test the design of his kayaks. Several years later, Jackson has built his reputation by building kayaks that are both durable and functional.

Jackson Kayak also sells Orion coolers. The coolers can cost as much as $550. Since coolers are not a primary product, they’re a good addition to any kayak. In fact, Jackson Kayak sold more than 15,000 of the metallica cooler in 2017 alone. The company expects to sell 25,000 of these coolers this year. If you’re curious about how Jackson kayaks are made, read on.

The Jackson Kayak company began in 2004 as a small-scale whitewater brand. It was founded by paddlers David Knight and Eric Jackson. With his experience in kayak design, Jackson Kayak is the world’s premier whitewater brand. The company also produces kayaks for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. The company has a manufacturing plant in Sparta, TN. A hundred thousand square feet of space is dedicated to this endeavor.

The Liska kayak is designed to be a comfortable platform for day trips and overnight camping adventures. A small storage platform at the bow and waterproof bulkhead on the stern provide dry storage and additional buoyancy in the case of a swamp. The padded standing area allows you to pack oversized items and gear with ease. Ultimately, a Jackson kayak is all about versatility. The Liska is designed for extreme customizability.

The company’s first models were known as the Fun series. They were highly innovative, featuring several innovations. Jackson and Knight also invented an internal attachment system for kayak accessories. This attachment method helps keep the kayak dry and provides a more comfortable paddler experience. The Fun series was initially available in six different sizes. Since then, Jackson Kayak has continued to produce high-quality paddlesports products. These include their Tripper kayaks and the Jackson Kayak RTM kayak.

Jackson Kayak also builds recreational and touring kayaks. Their touring kayaks use the same plastic resin hull material as their hard-core whitewater kayaks. They also produce fishing kayaks, such as the Coosa Sit-On-Top model. The company also makes a canoe-kayak hybrid called the DayTripper. In addition to their kayaks, Jackson Kayak also produces a youth line with the Side Kick, Little Hero, and Mini Tripper.