How Much Are Topwater Kayaks For Sale?

how much are topwater kayaks

There are several options when it comes to purchasing a topwater kayak. These include the Sportsman Autopilot, the Old Town Topwater 120, and the Sportsman Predator. The following is a comparison of the features of each. The Sportsman Topwater 120 is a great choice for fishermen looking for a stable and comfortable stand up fishing platform. It features three rod holders and tackle storage, as well as EVA foam deck pads.

Old Town’s Topwater 120

The Old Town Topwater 120 for sale is a stand-up fishing kayak that is a good value for the money. Its double-U hull offers a great balance between speed and stability. Its flat deck and elevated seat encourage standing fishing and it comes with a Universal Transducer Mount. You can even add a fish finder if you like.

This fishing kayak is great for short trips. Its tunnel hull helps it keep its position in moderate winds and surf. It also has a wide beam that makes it easy to turn. This kayak is great for fishing small bodies of water, but it’s not the best choice for open water.

The Old Town Topwater 120 Kayak is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. It provides a comfortable and stable fishing platform and boasts features like a DoubleU hull, oversized stern tank well, and three rod holders. It also has EVA foam deck pads for added comfort. The Topwater 120 also has an oversized stern tank that is great for holding plenty of gear.

The Old Town Topwater 120 is a great choice for those who want a fishing kayak on a budget. Its hull shape is stable and its open deck is designed for stand-up fishing. The topwater 120 is great for shallow-water fishing and short-distance cruising.

Old Town boats are available in many sizes, from nine feet long to fourteen feet. The average length is about 12 feet. Currently, 66 Old Town boats are listed on Boat Trader. They are offered by professional yacht brokers as well as private sellers. All of them are located in the United States and are in good condition.

Sportsman Autopilot 120

When choosing a topwater kayak, it’s essential to find one with features that address your needs. For example, you may want a wide, flat kayak with a comfortable seat. You’ll also want to make sure that the kayak has adequate capacity. Some of the best kayaks for fishing bass are large, with plenty of room for all of your gear. Some of the top choices for large kayaks are the Sportsman Autopilot 120 and 136.

The Sportsman AutoPilot 120 features one of the most innovative kayak propulsion systems on the market. It leverages a 45-lb Minn Kota Powerdrive trolling motor, and also includes a custom stow-and-deploy system. It also has Spot-Lock technology, which uses a GPS receiver in the motor head to lock your kayak in place. This feature allows you to cast with confidence, and change lures without having to worry about maneuvering the boat. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, and can be controlled by a remote.

Another topwater kayak with autopilot technology is the Old Town AutoPilot. This kayak can be controlled by a handheld device or by GPS guided piloting. Similarly, the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote can be controlled by a smartphone app. It also goes on autopilot and maintains a heading even when the kayak is battling the current and wind. Another feature of the AutoPilot is Spot-Lock technology, which lets you stay in one spot even when the wind is strong and it’s difficult to get to it.

The Sportsman AutoPilot 120’s hull resembles that of the popular Topwater kayak. It also uses the same stable pontoon hull design. It weighs 110 pounds, with the engine installed. It has a usable capacity of 400 pounds.

Those looking for a topwater kayak with an electric motor will be happy with the AutoPilot 120. Its 45-pound thrust motor provides plenty of power for long trips and is safe to use in saltwater. It also features an intuitive throttle control and is designed to fit flush with the kayak deck. It installs in seconds and tips up easily when you launch it. This motor is also saltwater safe, making it suitable for kayaking on lakes and other shallow bodies of water.

Sportsman Predator 120

The Sportsman Predator 120 topwater kayak is a good choice if you like fishing from a stand-up kayak. It has a U-shaped hull for stability, and its storage tank in the stern makes it easy to haul in gear and supplies. It also features ergonomic “T-handles” for easy handling.

This sports kayak also features a PDL Drive and a new seat from Sportsman. It also has an Element Seating System, two rod holders on the hull, and a universal transducer mounting system. A cup holder and dry storage compartment are also provided. The kayak also comes with a padded deck for comfortable standing fishing.

In addition to the new topwater kayak, Old Town has also released three new models in the Sportsman line, including two paddle kayaks and three motorized kayaks. Old Town’s Predator-based Big Water 132 joins its line of paddle kayaks, the new Discovery canoe/kayak hybrid, and a new motorized boat based on the Predator. The new Sportsman Topwater 106 and 120 are both popular fishing platforms, but the Predator 132 is Old Town’s flagship pedal model.

This topwater kayak can also be converted into a paddle kayak by removing the Autopilot motor. The Autopilot lifts the propeller through the hull for shallow-water clearance. Moreover, it’s easy to remove and install the Autopilot motor with a plate that covers the motor well.

The Sportsman Predator 120 is designed for fishing in smaller bodies of water and is able to handle moderate current and wind. It has a wide water line and a low center of gravity. It can also turn easily without the help of a rudder. Its length is about 12 feet, and its beam is 33.5 inches, making it ideal for shallow water fishing.

Old Town Predator 120

The Old Town Predator 120 topwater kayak features a DoubleU hull that pushes volume to the outside, improving stability and efficiency. The boat also features deep channels running down the sharp keel for added efficiency. It also features a wide bow and sharp entry for an easy ride over waves.

The Old Town Predator 120 topwater kayak is designed with a fishing-friendly deck. The wide, flat deck provides plenty of room for stand-up fishing. The company’s topwater model is one of the oldest in the paddle sports industry, and features high-quality components and design.

The Predator is designed for the avid angler and the weekend warrior alike. It also includes multiple mounting plates so that you can add other accessories. With mounts from makers like Cannon, Scotty, YakAtack, and RAM Mounts, you can customize the Predator with additional features.

This topwater kayak has a pedal drive system that propels it forward or backward. This system works with a circular pedal motion and a spring-loaded assist system. This system leaves a large gap in the cockpit when the kayak is upright, but it’s very responsive. The rudder can also be locked to assist with tracking when trolling.

The Old Town Predator 120 topwater kayak is an excellent value for money. Its hull design is built from top to bottom to be stable and easy to paddle. It also features a padded seat and an EVA deck pad for added comfort. It also has an oversized stern tank that will carry plenty of equipment.

While the Old Town Topwater 106 PDL is similar to the Sportsman 120, it offers new graphics and a different logo. This model features a tank well and rod holders. It also is an excellent value for pedal fishing. The sportman 120 is easy to car top and is a great mid-sized platform.

This topwater kayak is one of the most stable in the market. Its tunnel hull design makes it easy to maneuver, even in big, open waters. Its 12-foot water line and 33.5-inch beam make it easy to turn. It’s also designed to turn without a rudder.