how much does eric jackson of jackson kayaks weigh

How Much Does Eric Jackson of Jackson Kayaks Weigh?

If you’re wondering how much does Eric Jackson of the Jackson Kayak company weigh, you’ve come to the right place. Eric is a freestyle kayaking world champion, a slalom kayaking world champion, and a professional bass tournament angler. In addition to his kayaking career, Eric Jackson is also a Pisces – a water sign whose birth flower is the water lily. cheap fishing kayaks

A former Olympic athlete, Jackson was selected to represent the United States at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He ended up finishing 13th in the K-1 event. He has two children – Emily and Dane – who are both World Champions and members of the United States Kayaking Team. Jackson has written four instructional books and produced eight instructional videos on whitewater kayaking. Eric Jackson’s weight is unknown, but it’s estimated that he weighs about 80 pounds.

Although Eric Jackson has a successful business career, he once worked as a whitewater photographer during the summer months. Taking pictures of other people navigating waves and the water had a profound effect on his life. During that time, Eric Jackson created a new freestyle move called the backflip. There are only two other kayakers who have performed this maneuver: Stunt Double and Eric Jackson.

The Jackson Kayak team includes some of the world’s most successful Freestyle K-1 paddlers. In addition to the Jackson family, the team includes Nick Troutman, Dane Jackson, Claire O’Hara, and Ruth Gordon. In addition, the Jackson Kayak team is made up of a renowned cast of international kayaking stars. Eric Jackson, Dane Jackson, and Emily Jackson are all members of the legendary Jackson Kayak team.

In 1999, the new owners of the Jackson Kayak company stripped Jackson of all of his management roles. Those new owners wouldn’t allow Jackson to create a kid’s kayak. In response, Jackson convinced his friend David Knight, a Naval architect with experience in designing super-strong hulls, to work with him on the prototype. Together, they became the boat designers for the company. The company was eventually sold and Eric Jackson remained as its chief designer and brand manager.

In addition to building kayaks, Eric Jackson now runs a separate company, Apex Watercraft. The company makes high-end fishing kayaks, and his first whitewater kayak is set to debut in 2022. The new boat is named Ringer, and it’s designed to win in Extreme Slalom competition disciplines. EJ left whitewater kayak design when he left Jackson Kayak in 2019. He’s focusing his energy on the apex Watercraft Tyr composite fishing kayak, but the company has had some manufacturing issues.