How to Add Mods to Kayaks

how to add mods to kayaks

If you want to customize your kayak to your liking, you may want to add some additional features. There are many different ways you can do this. Deck pads can help minimize noise from the deck. Other options include Rod holders, PVC pipe, and Carabiners. Read on for some tips. This article will explain how to install these extra features. Also, find out what accessories you can easily add to your kayak.

Deck pads minimize noise from the deck

Using foam padding on the deck can reduce noise and act as a form of soundproofing. These pads can also be useful for kayak fishermen, as the knocks from their boats can disrupt wildlife. Before laying down foam padding, measure the areas where the boat will rest. This will help you determine the correct size. Adding foam padding to a kayak deck will also protect it from damage. Here are a few tips for installing foam padding on a kayak deck.

Rod holders

Kayaks come with several different mounting positions for rod holders. They can be flush-mounted on the starboard side or positioned behind the paddler on the port side. Anglers should ensure that they can reach the rod without hitting it with their paddle. Flush-mounted rod holders can be difficult to install as they can’t always be adjusted to the exact position. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make your rod holders fit your kayak perfectly.

Most angler models have a pair of rod holders behind the cockpit. If you need to move through dense vegetation, you might want to consider a horizontal rod holder. It can protect your rods and keep them organized. They can also contribute to the lifespan of your rods. Just be sure to use them properly, though, as they can be cumbersome and take up extra space. In addition, these rod holders are usually larger than the standard kind.

Aside from kayak rod holders, you can also use milk crates to make storage for your fishing rods. This is the cheapest option, as it is easier to drill through them and is less expensive to replace. However, you will lose insulated storage. Alternatively, you can use milk crates to place your tackle boxes inside. The only drawback to milk crates is that they are not insulated.

Aside from the kayak seat, you can add rod holders to your kayak with ease. These holder options allow you to fish with multiple types of baits and tackle. These holders also allow you to use different types of kayaks. They may even help you catch big fish! The right rod holder for your kayak will keep it safe and organized for your fishing trip. There are a few types of kayak rod holders.


If you paddle your kayak, chances are you already use a line or rope to secure your gear. However, you may have never considered adding a kayak carabiner to your rig. These handy devices are simple to use and become second nature in no time. Much like seat belts in a car, kayak carabiners are convenient for all types of kayaking. Listed below are some of the benefits of adding a kayak carabiner.

An anchor trolley system requires a carabiner and cordage to attach to your kayak. This can be made without drilling holes in your kayak. You’ll need to buy some small pulleys and a metal ring. These components can be found online, but they are very easy to install. Carabiners are especially useful for tying paddles and dry bags to your kayak. However, you should check the specifications of your kayak to make sure that they will fit.

A 5-gallon bucket can serve as a kayak mod. This is a very cheap solution for fishing. You can get a bucket at any hardware store. These buckets can be mounted on the kayak and act as rod holders. In addition, you can use the bucket to bail water. However, be sure to use the proper anchoring method. Always be aware that a kayak with an anchor trolley requires a lot of force.

Another option for adding kayak gear is to use track mounts. They allow you to change position or affix gear without drilling holes. This makes kayak gear more versatile, and you can even customize it to suit your needs. This allows you to choose kayak gear that doesn’t interfere with your stroke. It also allows you to attach and remove gear with ease. And because track mounts are adjustable, you can change their position or angle without changing the kayak.

PVC pipe

Besides being a versatile DIY mainstay, PVC pipes can also be used to build a kayak cart. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various forms of kayak racks. You can also use PVC to make a rod holder, as most fishing kayaks already come equipped with a rod holder. Then, you can easily put it all back together. If you’re looking for additional kayaking accessories, you can check out some online video guides.

After attaching the scupper to the crate, you can install the anchor holder and the trolley. The anchor should be positioned closest to the seat. The safety light and camera mount should be located opposite each other. And finally, the trolley should be leashed onto the kayak. As with any kayak mod, you need to secure the trolley to the kayak by using zipties or conduit clamps.

If you’re planning to mount a rod holder in your kayak, then using PVC pipe is the best way to go. These rod holders can be purchased online, or you can create your own from PVC pipe. While PVC pipe is a lightweight material, it’s also versatile, which makes it a great option for kayak mods. It’s easy to fit them together, and they’ll keep your rods secure.

Seattle Sports Deck Compass

One of the best kayak mods is the Seattle Sports Deck Compass. It has large markings that are easy to read from the seat and it is made of tough, durable materials. It has buckles and webbing straps to mount it to the deck or carry it in a deck bag. It is an excellent addition to any kayak. It can help you find your way around when kayaking or hiking in areas that don’t have good cell reception.

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