how to carry two kayaks in pickup truck

How to Carry Two Kayaks in a Pickup Truck

You may be wondering how to carry two kayaks in your pickup truck. Here are a few tips to make the trip a smooth one. Make sure to place the kayaks with their noses against the cab. If the kayaks are longer, you may need a rack system to carry them overhead. Once you’ve secured the kayaks in the truck, place a rubber mat on the bed of your truck to provide grip. Then, stack the second kayak on top of the first one. best fishing kayaks

Load the kayaks with the hull-side down. This will help prevent damage to the kayak. You should also place the kayaks perpendicular to the truck. If you don’t have a tailgate, place the kayaks perpendicular to the truck. Lift the bow of the kayak and lean against the tailgate. Position the second kayak anywhere in the truck bed to make it easier to access.

Before you load the second kayak into the truck bed, make sure that you have a suitable truck rack. This rack will allow you to transport both kayaks safely and comfortably. The racks can be converted into kayak racks, which are much easier to use. However, you’ll need to have a partner to help you lift the kayaks over your head. Adding a ladder rack to the truck bed will make the process faster and easier on your back. The only drawback to ladder racks is that the truck bed cover won’t fit with the kayaks.

If the kayaks you’re carrying are wide, the truck bed might not be able to hold them. You can still stack them in the truck bed, but they’ll probably stick out. To protect the hulls, you’ll need to clean the truck bed thoroughly. Use a tool called a cam strap. Be sure not to use too tight of a tie, as this may ruin the kayaks.

Loading the first kayak is simple and straightforward. Loading the second kayak is a bit trickier. The kayaks may hang on the wheel wells or each other, so be sure to have help. To keep your kayaks safe, you can lay protective mats over the tailgate. Using high-quality cam straps, tie the kayaks securely. Most trucks come with an anchor point to hold your kayaks while you’re driving.

Another option is to load your kayak on top of your car. Although it’s easy, this method isn’t ideal. A truck is a better option if you’re going to carry two kayaks. A truck bed extender or load extender can make the process go much smoother. However, you should remember that a truck bed extension may be needed if you have a large kayak.