How to Haul 2 Kayaks on a Nitro

how to haul 2 kayaks on a nitro

Do you have two kayaks and are wondering how to haul them on your nitro? If you do, then this article is for you. You will learn how to haul two kayaks on your nitro using Stacker bars, Daisy chain, and Ratchet straps. You’ll also discover the best place to purchase the kayak trailer hitch. Listed below are some of the best trailer hitch solutions.

Stacker bars

Stacker bars are a great way to haul multiple kayaks. They allow you to stack two kayaks on top of one another. Often, these bars are used with lightweight whitewater kayaks, but you can use them with other kinds of boats, including touring or recreational. Stacker bars can be installed on any vehicle’s crossbars. To set up a stacker bar, center the kayak on one of the crossbars and then use the cam strap to throw over the boat.

If you do not want to spend money on a rack, you can use a towel or blanket. To save space, you can put a blanket on the stern of the kayak. You can also attach a second kayak rack to the rack. The solution will depend on the width of the kayaks and the length of the crossbars. Once the rack is in place, you can use it to haul two kayaks on a single vehicle.

When using a nitro, you will want to make sure that the crossbars are level and secure. Once you have the crossbars in place, you can set up the kayak straps. Make sure that the front straps rest on the windshield and the rear straps rest against the rear window. If the kayaks are heavy, you will need to have a passenger help you load the kayaks.

Daisy chain

There are several ways to haul two kayaks on a nitro: using a daisy chain, cam straps, or a trucker’s hitch. You can also use rope, but be sure it’s water resistant and won’t stretch. If you’re a beginner at using a trucker’s hitch, you can also purchase one that’s already been made. Make sure to check the kayaks after about 15 minutes of driving, as the straps can become loose in the process.

You can also use a ratchet strap to tie down the kayaks. You need extra length and different sizes of the straps. You can also use a rope but you’ll need to understand how to use a trucker’s hitch first. If you need to load the kayaks on your own, you’ll need some help. A friend or family member will likely be willing to help you with this.


One easy way to haul two kayaks is to use pool noodles. The pool noodles must be shorter than the width of the vehicle and should be wide enough to fit both kayaks side by side. Then, thread the cam straps through the blocks. Then, tie them on the top of the vehicle, making sure to place them at the same positions as the blocks. Once tied, you can start the process of hauling your kayaks.

When hauling two kayaks, place one kayak far off to one side and the second kayak close to the center. Try a few different positions and adjust accordingly. Once the kayaks are in place, tie them down with the front and rear tie-down straps. Be careful not to overtighten the tie-downs, because you may have to adjust the first kayak later on. If you don’t know how to do this, you can take a look at these steps.

Make sure the tie-down straps are tight enough to keep the kayaks in place while you’re driving. Don’t forget to double-check everything, especially the roof racks. If you’re loading the kayaks last, they won’t stay secure. And remember to always check the kayaks before you drive the car! If you’re not a pro, ask someone to help you load your kayaks on the truck.

If you have two kayaks, it is best to use a stacker bar, which is an ideal way to transport multiple boats on one vehicle. Stacker bars are usually used with lightweight whitewater kayaks, but they can also be used for recreational and touring kayaks. Once loaded on the stacker bar, you can place your kayak in a centered position between the two crossbars of your nitro. Alternatively, you can add a second rack and place it on your right shoulder.

Ratchet straps

To transport two kayaks, you should use ratchet straps. They help secure the kayaks from side to side and prevent them from moving forward, backward, or forward. These straps should be tied through the carry handles and secured to the car tow spot. Do not overtighten the straps. After loading the kayaks on the nitro, make sure to check that the kayaks are secure.

Using ratchet straps to haul two kayaks on a nitro is not an easy task. First, make sure you secure the kayaks to the car. If you’re not familiar with ratchet straps, buy some at the automotive or hardware store. It is important not to overtighten them as this can damage the kayak’s hull. Next, make sure the ratchet straps are turned so they don’t make a high-pitched screeching noise when they are loaded.

Next, strap the kayaks securely on the roof rack. Make sure the kayaks are properly strapped so that they don’t move around while the vehicle is driving. If you are hauling two kayaks on the same rack, you should strap the kayaks separately. Don’t use the same strap for both kayaks as the kayaks will shift during the drive and may slip out of place. Moreover, make sure to purchase extra straps that are several feet longer than the length of the kayaks.

For a safe and easy way to haul two kayaks on the roof of your vehicle, you should buy a foam block or a pool noodle. Moreover, it is better to buy a foam block instead of pool noodle as they are more sturdy. When hauling two kayaks on the roof rack, make sure to distribute the weight evenly. Also, ensure you use adequate tie-down straps and strapping for safety.

Malone Hullavator

There are several advantages to using a Malone Hullavator for hauling kayaks. Not only does it offer stability for kayaks, but it also folds flat when not in use. Malone kayak racks are sized for two 50-pound, 32-inch wide kayaks. They come with cam buckle straps for securing kayaks. And, the racks come with a lifetime warranty.

There are two main types of load assist products available. A Thule Slipstream is the most expensive but also the most popular. This type of rack is basically a flat roof rack that slides backwards. The downside to a Thule is that your kayaks can rub on the back or trunk of your vehicle. A Hullavator is the most intensive load assist product, unfolding halfway down the side of your vehicle. Its saddles are positioned just a few feet off the ground, and are hydraulically assisted. It is the most efficient way to haul a kayak when there are two to three kayaks on board.

The Malone Hullavator can easily haul two kayaks. The Malone load assist module attaches to the front and rear J-loaders. The kayak is slid onto the load assist arms, which extends down to manageable height. Then, the kayak can be slid back up. This is the ideal rack for hauling two kayaks.

When hauling two kayaks, you must remember to secure them with straps. Make sure to loop the kayak strap under the side rails. The kayak tie-down strap will also keep the kayaks secure. Ensure that the kayak is properly secured. Using a hullavator is easy if you follow these tips. This product can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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