how to haul kayaks with a camper

How to Haul Kayaks With a Camper

Towing your kayaks to the camping spot is a common practice, but there are also ways to protect them from the elements. Most campers and 5th wheel travel trailers have side-to-side compartments where your kayak can safely be stored. Inflatable kayaks also save a lot of space, but they are restricted in their usage. You need to secure them with a lock and key to avoid them from sliding out during transportation. tandem fishing kayaks

To safely haul kayaks with a camper, you need a hitch mount cargo carrier that can accommodate the load. If you don’t have a trailer hitch, you can build a kayak carrier from plywood or pool noodles. Just be sure that the racks have a vertical piece that locks the top to the kayak. Your vehicle must have enough weight capacity to accommodate the kayaks and any security systems you may want to use.

Another way to haul kayaks is to install a roof rack on your camper. These are generally inexpensive, and can easily hold two kayaks. However, they will add approximately 60 to 100 pounds to your vehicle, which can make packing more difficult. If you’re towing more than one kayak, consider installing a front hitch. This way, the rack will not interfere with the 5th wheel hookup or trailer’s movement.

If you’re not comfortable mounting your kayak on a regular rack, consider installing a kayak rack. You can find one for around $65 at the MaxxHaul website. Adding a kayak rack to your camper is a simple and easy way to haul a kayak. You can attach the kayak to the roof of the camper with ratchet straps, but it’s best to have more than one as it will prevent your kayak from falling off due to wind and speed.

If you don’t want to put a rack on your camper, you can purchase a roof rack instead. Roof mounts are also a good choice, but make sure you’re aware of the vehicle’s clearance limitations and do not go over them. Alternatively, you can simply store your kayak inside your RV. You may have to get a roof rack if you’re not confident about your skills.

For bigger class A motorhomes, there’s room for a kayak. Pop-up campers are also a great option for carrying kayaks. When folded down, pop-up campers have no extra space. Moreover, you’ll want to secure the bow and stern of your kayak to protect it from rain or snow. If you’re planning to haul a kayak, make sure to find a suitable carrier for your camper.

To avoid drilling holes in your roof, you can buy a roof-mounted kayak rack. This rack is easy to install and requires no drilling. It can carry up to 500 pounds and has heavy-duty clamps that lock the kayak securely in place. Adding a roof rack will also let you carry other cargo such as bicycles or large bags. You can even install roof-mounted kayak racks on your truck to take them with you on your travels.