How to Haul Two Kayaks on a Nitro

If you’re looking for a way to haul two kayaks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at Mounted crossbars, Lumber racks, Outrigger IIs, and Saddles.

Lumber racks

If you want to haul two kayaks, there are some things you need to remember. The first step is to secure the kayaks securely to the truck. You may want to purchase special ratcheting ropes or install a cam strap system that secures the kayaks in a V or J shape. Make sure you use at least 12 feet of rope in order to properly secure the kayaks. If possible, attach a red flag to the kayaks to make it easier for other drivers to see the kayaks in the truck.

The second step is to properly secure the kayak rack. The kayaks should be secured in a way that the vehicle’s roof racks won’t damage them. Stainless steel or aluminum tubing can be used to support the kayaks. Make sure to use a hex wrench to tighten the straps.

Once you’ve secured the racks, you can begin loading the kayaks. Depending on their width, you can stack them up on one another by using their handles. When loading, make sure the kayaks are parallel to each other. Then, push the stern up with your legs, and set them gently on the rack.

Next, you’ll need to strap the kayaks onto the roof rack. You may need to use different strap lengths for different kayaks. You should also make sure to check the buckles and straps frequently. After you’ve secured the first kayak, place the second kayak on top of the first kayak. If they’re too far apart, you might need to adjust the other kayak to make it fit.

Mounted crossbars

Amount of tension in the kayak straps is also important. Too much tension will deform plastic hulls or crack fiberglass, so be sure to tie them snugly. To check the tension, shake the kayak and hook it to the grab handle.

One solution is to add an Outrigger II load assisting add-on. These are adjustable load bearing bars that attach to the crossbar and telescope out 18 to 2 feet. This prevents the kayak from rubbing the vehicle. In addition, these bars are much easier to mount than a standard rack.

If you use straight crossbars, you’ll need to secure the kayak to the crossbars. Otherwise, the hull will be permanently indented. Also, if the hull is rounded, the keel will tip to one side when mounted on straight crossbars.

Adding a crossbar system is a good idea if you’re going to haul two kayaks on a nitro. Just make sure it fits the rails and is designed to carry the weight evenly. Once that’s done, you’re ready to install two kayaks on the roof of your nitro.

Another solution is a telescoping lumber rack. Depending on the length of your truck, you can use one of these racks to haul two kayaks. You can also use the rear of the truck’s bed space to store the kayaks.

Outrigger II

The first step in hauling two kayaks on a nitro is to strap the first kayak to the top of the roof rack. You can leave the straps loose, but you may need to adjust the first kayak. Next, slide the second kayak up against the first one. If necessary, adjust the first kayak to leave more space.

While the process may seem a little complicated at first, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have no trouble hauling two kayaks on a nitro. The key to making sure you don’t damage your kayaks is to make sure your kayaks are securely strapped and secure before you drive. Be sure to double-check the kayak straps, as well as the roof racks.

Once you’ve got your kayaks strapped, tie them securely to your truck. Be sure to avoid overtightening the straps or they may dent the kayak. You can also use a red flag to let other drivers know your kayaks are in the truck. A red flag will also help you see your cargo more easily and leave more space for other vehicles to pass. If you can’t find a hitch for your truck, tie the kayaks together with rope.

Loading one kayak is easy; loading two is the same, although some kayaks may get caught in wheel wells or get stuck next to one another. If you’re hauling two kayaks, you may want to have someone help you load them and place some protective material over the tailgate. You may also want to load the kayaks hull side up or hull side down. However, if you have a narrow bed, you may have to load them sideways.


Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing a saddle carrier for the kayaks. These can help keep the kayak upright during transport and can prevent it from sliding off the rack, which is especially helpful on windy days. The saddle carrier also allows you to leave many of your accessories on the kayak while you’re driving.

You can also make use of hooks on the back of your car. Many cars have hooks under the bumpers for this purpose. Make sure to secure the rope to the lower anchor point before you begin running up. The kayak should be secured to the hooks close to your head. A second method is to use toggle handles on your kayaks. If you don’t have toggle handles, you can secure the rope to the bottom of the car’s bumper.

Another option is to use foam blocks. These are specifically designed for this purpose. You can buy a set of four inches long, four inches wide, and four inches high. It is important that the blocks are long enough for the width of your vehicle. This way, you can safely haul two kayaks on a nitro without having to worry about them being flipped around. In addition, make sure to include enough rope to tie the kayak to the bumpers of your vehicle.

Once you have the kayaks strapped to the racks, you can begin the process of hauling them. This process is not difficult and can be done without a lot of effort. However, if you want a low-tech solution, you can place the bow of one kayak on a blanket or a towel and push it up the other side. You can also place another rack to haul your kayaks if you want to. Depending on the width of your kayaks, you may need to make adjustments to the racks.

Xsporter telescoping lumber rack

A Thule Xsporter Pro truck rack is a great way to carry your kayak or canoe while driving. It has eight c-clamps to attach your kayaks and weighs up to 2,200 pounds. This kayak rack is adjustable for the best fit and is compatible with a variety of vehicle models. You should check to make sure it fits your vehicle before buying.

The Xsporter telescoping lumber kayak rack works on almost any type of truck. It has a front section and a rear portion with crossbars near the bed and tailgate. You can place two kayaks on the rack without causing any damage to them. Depending on your vehicle’s size and weight capacity, it may need adaptors.

The MaxxHaul kayak rack fits most kayaks and is universally compatible with most trucks. Its adjustable sliders help you adjust the length of your kayaks while on the rack. You can also use this kayak rack to haul your SUP, snowboard, or paddleboard. It also fits on most pickup trucks without blocking the tailgate or the bed of your truck.

Another great feature of this truck rack is that it’s easy to install and remove. You can use it anytime you need to haul your kayaks, or simply store it away when you’re not using it. This kayak rack is easy to install and comes with many safety features to keep your kayaks safe and secure.

Using a paddle partner

Paddle partners are a great way to haul two kayaks. These kayaks have much better stability than a single kayak, and can move in any direction. Double kayaks also have higher decks, which makes it easier to climb up and down. Doubles also often come with a stirrup that can help with getting back on.

When using a paddle partner to haul two kayaks, make sure that you’re on the same side. If you’re on one side, you’ll have to lean in for balance while your partner’s paddler is on the other side. In either case, you’ll need to maintain contact with the paddle. When the double kayak is full of camping gear, righting it can be tricky. When this happens, you should have one person push the kayak upwards from the cockpit, and the other person pulls the double kayak over. If this is too difficult, you can also try going to the stern for more leverage. Just be sure to be careful not to be hit by the rudder, as it can cause the double kayak to capsize.

If you can, get a helper to assist you with the loading process. For most people, this is the easiest way to load a kayak. You need two people to hold it parallel to your vehicle, and then raise it onto the roof rack. Make sure to center the kayak correctly and tie the straps securely. If the rack is not strong enough, you can use a towel to stabilize the kayak and avoid causing damage to the roof rack.