How to Load 2 Kayaks on an SUV Yakima Rack

how to load 2 kayaks on suv yakima rack

Using a Yakima rack is a great way to transport two kayaks. The rack features a telescoping design that allows you to quickly adjust the height of the kayaks. You can also choose from the many accessories for Yakima kayak racks, including J-cradles, Foam blocks, Sit-in kayaks, Big Catch saddles, and telescoping arms.

Foam blocks

There are several ways to safely and securely load two kayaks on an SUV yakima rack. One way is to place foam blocks in the middle of each kayak. Then, secure the foam blocks with duct tape. This is a quick and easy way to load your kayaks.

First, prepare the rack. To make it easier for you to load 2 kayaks, you can cut the foam blocks into four pieces. For this purpose, you can either buy a long foam block or a foam block with small ends. You can find small foam blocks in the market or even on Amazon. Once you have a couple of foam blocks, attach them to the kayaks with the straps. Make sure to tie them tightly to avoid any slipping during transport.

Another option is to purchase pool noodles. These are rope-like in shape, and they will provide a firm grip on the roof of the vehicle. Since most vehicles have curved roofs, foam blocks that are flat may not offer a firm attachment.

When using foam blocks, place them near the front and back windshield. Ideally, the distance between the foam blocks and the kayak should be such that the boat does not touch the roof of the vehicle. Afterwards, attach the boat straps to the rack using ratchet straps or tie-down straps. Some straps come with car clips and can also be secured to the door frame weather molding.


To fit two kayaks on your Yakima rack, first make sure you have sufficient height in your vehicle. You will also need a strong and sturdy car rack. Once you have secured your rack and your kayaks, you can begin loading. You can use the included cam straps to secure your kayaks.

These straps are designed to protect the kayaks from any sort of damage while loading and unloading them. If your kayaks weigh less than 75 pounds, they can be loaded using a J-cradle. The Malone Downloader is the highest rated j-cradle on the market, and is compatible with most cross rails.

Another option is to stack them on the roof rack. The JayLow kayak rack from Yakima is a good option for roof-mounted kayaks. The j-cradles in this rack provide additional support to the kayaks, and it folds down and locks in the down position for added security. Its large rubber pads will protect the kayak’s hull.

When you are loading two kayaks on your rack, it is best to place a foam block underneath them. This will prevent them from sliding around in the car and will help protect your vehicle’s hood. Once you’ve secured the foam blocks, you’ll need to place a forward door and tie a kayak strap around it.

Sit-in kayaks

It can be a little awkward to transport sit-in kayaks on an SUV’s rack, but it’s not impossible. With the right rack and a little effort, you can carry your kayak safely without ever having to get out of the vehicle. There are a few things to remember though. First, the kayak should not be too heavy.

Most SUVs and crossovers have crossbars designed for holding kayaks. Most crossbars are flat and thin and are made of a composite plastic material. Some are stronger than others, but most will support the weight of your kayak. To make sure, you should check the vehicle’s owners manual or contact the dealership’s service department. You can also do a little research on the Internet to see what your vehicle’s rack can handle.

Another important thing to remember when putting sit-in kayaks on a rack is to ensure that the kayak has a cross-bar on each side. This is because it is possible for the kayak to warp if it’s too far apart, so you should ensure that the cross bars are properly attached to each other.

Next, you need to ensure the kayak is correctly strapped. To do this, simply run the straps under the cross bar and eight to twelve inches above it. Then, tighten the straps. Make sure to cinch them in between the front and back straps.

Big Catch saddles

If you’re planning to load 2 kayaks on a Yakima rack, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure the kayaks are secure. First of all, you must be aware of the design of the rack. You should choose a Yakima rack that is designed to accommodate the size and weight of your kayaks.

Make sure you secure the kayaks before you drive. Make sure you tie down the kayaks well and make sure you do not put too much pressure on the rack. The straps need to be snug to avoid damaging the kayaks’ paintwork and the rack’s tailgate. If you don’t follow these tips, you may lose a kayak, and that would be a disaster!

Another way to secure a kayak is to install a Yakima rack with a j-cradle. This is a rack that uses less space on the crossbars than saddle-style kayak racks. It also includes premium padding and heavy-duty straps to protect the kayaks.

Next, you need to tie down the kayaks on the rack. Make sure the kayak strapping is tied from the toeing mount and the scupper hole. This is the easiest way to secure a kayak on a rack without any special skills.

Aero Bars

If you’ve been looking for a roof-mounted rack that’ll fit two kayaks, look no further than the Yakima JayLow Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any tools. Plus, it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to store in your trunk or garage.

This rack is compatible with almost any vehicle. It will fit most factory-installed crossbars and round Yakima racks. You can also use the same bar to load a second kayak. These racks have a special aerodynamic design to make them easier to load than other racks.

Aero Bars are a good way to carry two kayaks on a Yakima rack. They’re designed to fit over round and rectangular crossbars. They also fold toward each other to reduce drag. If you’re not sure which bars to buy, try the Snap-Around Mount, which fits most round and rectangular Yakima crossbars.

The JayLow is designed to be a versatile solution for loading two kayaks. Its vertical arm can accommodate up to two kayaks, and its integrated load assistance helps keep the kayak away from the vehicle when loading. It also extends the front crossbar to make loading easier. This rack also lets you load kayaks stern-first or bow-first. It’s also ideal for vehicles that are taller than average.

A Yakima Aero Crossbar Pads is an affordable solution for kayak transport. They are easily installed and removable and provide extra padding for the kayak.

JetStream Aero Bars

If you want to load two kayaks onto your Yakima rack, you can use JetStream Aero Bars. These bar supports have a unique design to reduce wind noise while delivering strong load-bearing performance. They are compatible with Yakima’s StreamLine Towers and Baseline Towers.

Yakima Aero Crossbar Pads are easy to install and remove. They can fit on most types of crossbars, including round and rectangular ones. The crossbar pads feature a hook-and-loop system that makes installation and removal easy. The Yakima Aero Crossbar Pads also offer load-assist roof racks, which are designed to help transport your kayaks.

These bars have an ergonomic, form-fitting design that grips your kayaks tightly when pushed down. They are the perfect solution for the classic round Yakima crossbars. To make them easier to use, they also have an integrated load assist, which keeps the kayaks off the vehicle while loading. This load assist also retracts when not in use.

Another feature that sets Yakima JetStream Aero Bars apart from other car racks is that they are easy to install. These bars have locking inserts for safety. Yakima JetStream Aero Bars are durable and have a 165-pound weight capacity. They reduce wind resistance and noise and also have a channel system for cleats. Ultimately, you should choose Yakima Aero Bars based on your vehicle and preferences.