How to Load Two Kayaks on a Subaru Outback

how to load two kayaks on subaru outback

If you have a Subaru Outback, you’ve probably wondered how to load two kayaks on it. Here are a few tips to make it easier. First, use J-racks or Stacker-style racks, Ratchet straps, or a combination of both. Next, position a pad or other accessory to protect the seats from scratches. After that, you can simply drive away!


When loading kayaks, remember that the bow will need to slide forward. You can place a kayak pad about two feet ahead of the stern to stabilize the bow. Also, the kayak bow should be securely set into the J-rack’s channel or risk sliding off the vehicle. The following steps will guide you through the process of loading two kayaks on the Outback. Read on to learn more.

First, make sure you have a roof rack that is compatible with J-racks. These racks aren’t ideal for cars with high roofs because they don’t have rails, but they will still fit. The height can be adjusted by adjusting the vertical supports. If you have a V-shaped rack, you should mount it to the crossbars on your vehicle. This will take up little time to install and will provide a safe, secure space for your kayak’s keel.

Before you load the kayaks, ensure that you have the appropriate cargo space for the kayaks. The cargo area of a Subaru Outback is generous. Unlike a car, this SUV will fit two kayaks on its roof. Its spacious cargo area and roof rack will allow you to transport your kayaks without worry about damage. You can even take two kayaks with you on your trip!

Stacker-style racks

If you’re looking for the easiest way to load two kayaks on your Subaru Outback, you can opt for a rack that features a Stacker-style design. This type of rack is suitable for vehicles with crossbars that span a minimum of 24 inches. To ensure a secure fit, look for racks that feature slots to thread straps through. Stacker 830 models are ideal for two kayaks, and require a minimum of four straps. You can also choose from a rack that’s capable of holding three to four kayaks.

There are several types of kayak racks available, including roof bars for two-kayak loading. Roof-mounted racks are a great option for hauling one or two kayaks, but they’re not suitable for all models. Roof-mounted kayak racks offer more support and a better safety system. Roof-mounted racks also ensure that your kayak remains securely in place, preventing it from scratching your car’s roof.

Stacker-style racks for loading 2 kayaks on Subaru Outback are the ideal choice for people who have multiple boats. They make loading two kayaks easy and secure. Stacker-style racks for two kayaks on Subaru Outback are designed to nest kayaks together when strapped down to the vehicle. Make sure to choose a rack with crossbars that match the style of your vehicle. You should also pay attention to features such as rust resistance, durability, and ease of use when loading your kayak.

Ratchet straps

Using ratchet straps for loading two kayaks onto your Subaru Outback is an excellent way to carry two kayaks without damaging them. These straps are designed to secure your kayak in place and avoid the high-pitched sound you may hear while driving. Once you have strapped your kayak securely to the roof rack, you can secure it with the included padlocks and ratchet straps.

When you are ready to load your kayaks, the best way to do so is by using ratchet straps or rope. While ropes are effective for securing the bow and stern of your kayak, they tend to be more prone to breakage or warping during long drives. If you do decide to use ropes, be sure to choose a thick rope as it will not stretch out and will prevent damage to your kayak.

If you are hauling more than two kayaks, consider using a stacker-style rack. It will save you a considerable amount of roof space and allow you to stack multiple kayaks. Saddle-style carriers are the most secure, but they take up the least amount of space. To ensure a secure ride, make sure to use the appropriate size straps for your kayaks.

Positioning of pad

If you own a Subaru Outback, you might be wondering how to properly position a kayak on your car. First, you should know that a kayak will not fit on a crossover SUV’s roof rack. If you have this problem, there are some ways to avoid this and still have a safe way to transport your kayak. A manufacturer’s roof rack and utility trailer are great options for transporting your kayaks.

The Subaru Outback has unique roof racks and tie down points. The fit kit is made with sturdy tie down points mounted on the hood. You can then rotate your kayak to its gunwale and place it on the rack. Afterward, lift the stern and push it forward. Make sure that your kayak is at an angle to the side and rear of your car. Then, position your kayak on top of your Subaru Outback, allowing you to enjoy your adventure in style.

Most Subaru Outback models come with a roof rack, but these are not suitable for carrying long recreational kayaks. Longer models should be transported using a roof rack. The Subaru Outback has a large cargo area and a pre-installed roof rack. With these features, kayaks can be transported with ease. And once you’ve positioned your kayaks on the roof rack, the Subaru Outback will be ready for action.

Checking alignment of kayaks

In order to maintain optimal performance, Subaru Outback owners should perform wheel alignments at least every six thousand miles. A misaligned wheel can significantly affect fuel efficiency and prematurely wear your tires. You’ll know you need to get your Subaru Outback aligned when your car pulls to one side, the steering wheel is crooked, or your tires are squeaking frequently. If these problems occur frequently, you should have your wheels checked out right away.

Having uneven tire wear will lead to uneven tire wear. This is a sign of a problem with your alignment, as wobbling tires can affect the car’s handling and fuel economy. To properly balance your tires, rotate them from one side to the other and front to back. This will even out tire wear. Taking your Subaru Outback to a Subaru dealer for an alignment check is an excellent idea.

Mistakes to avoid

There are many things to remember when loading two kayaks on a Subaru Outback. The car’s roof crossbars, available starting with the 2010 Outback and on all subsequent models, are extremely helpful for transporting large objects. The crossbars can be easily extended across the roof and help to reduce wind resistance. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when loading two kayaks on a Subaru Outback.

The first mistake to make when loading two kayaks on a Subaru Outback is to over-inflate the kayaks. If the kayaks are more than two hundred pounds each, you can overload the car’s cargo space. The Subaru Outback has plenty of room to carry everything you need, but not too much! The outback’s roof-mounted cargo area can also cause the kayaks to over-inflate, so be sure to check the car’s towing capacity before attempting to load two kayaks on the vehicle.

First, ensure that the kayaks are securely attached to the roof rack. The roof racks should be sturdy, with straps or buckles that secure the kayak. The racks should not scratch the car, as they can cause scratches. While the Subaru Outback is ideal for kayak enthusiasts, finding a roof rack suitable for the Outback can be challenging. While roof racks are available for many models, make sure to consider the vehicle’s roof capacity, anti-slippery features, and build quality before purchasing.

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