how to strap down two kayaks into cos bars

How to Strap Down Two Kayaks Into Cos Bars

You may be wondering how to strap down two kayaks into co-straps. If you’ve ever wanted to do this but haven’t quite figured out where to start, keep reading. We’ll go through the different steps to strap your kayaks. You should start by looping the kayak strap under the cross bar. Then, loop the strap under the side rails, too. Then, loop the excess kayak strap under the cross bar, inside the crossbars that connect the kayaks to the vehicle. Then, tighten the straps, making sure not to sag the shape of your kayak. Fishing Kayaks

To begin, lay the kayak straps across the kayaks, with the buckle against the kayak’s hull. Then, thread the straps through the clamp by pressing the button. Pull the straps tightly to make sure that they are snug, but not so tight that they ding or snag the kayak. Be sure to tighten the straps at least eight to 12 inches. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready to load your kayaks.

Once you’ve figured out how to strap down two kayaks into co-straps, it’s time to figure out how to attach the two kayaks. One way to attach two kayaks is to strap them into the co-straps on both sides of the co-straps. Alternatively, you can use a lumber rack to make a long span between the front and rear bars.

Another option is to tie the bow and stern lines to the cross-straps. These are primarily used for transportation. You can tie the stern and bow lines to bumpers to secure your kayak. However, make sure to use a strap that is long enough to loop under the cross-bars. This way, there’s no risk of a metal hook or mounting point failing.

Lastly, you can secure the kayaks mid-way on the roof rack. Secure the bow to the front and the stern to the rear of your car. While they won’t fit side-by-side on the roof rack, you can place them face down on the rack. If you’re trying to transport two kayaks at once, this technique will work perfectly. You’ll have two kayaks secured in no time!

If you have a roof rack, you can attach two kayaks to it, but make sure you have crossbars installed on the roof. Roof racks that use crossbars will be safer, but you’ll need crossbars if you want to attach the kayaks in the middle. Saddles are the most secure option, as they provide a “hugging” hold around the bottom of the kayak.