How to Transport Four Kayaks on Top of My Equinox

how to transport four kayaks on top of my equinox

How to transport four kayaks on the top of my car is not a difficult task if you know how to use the right equipment. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from, including the Yakima BigStack, the Nautic Stack, the Thule Hullavator Pro, and others. Read on to find out what you need. You’ll be glad you read this article.

Yakima BigStack

The Yakima BigStack for transporting four canoes and four kayaks is an easy-to-install and use product that comes with the basic components. Installation is quick and requires just a few turns of the wrist on the adjustable knob. One of the benefits of the Yakima BigStack is that it can stay attached to multiple racks for long periods of time. However, in case you need to remove your kayaks from a rack or two during a trip, you can just take them off and put them back in.

The Yakima BigStack is lightweight and incredibly durable. It features built-in padding and a convenient way to organize straps. It also offers extreme stability and lockability with SKS lock cores. Folding the Yakima BigStack when it is not in use saves you time and space. It is also streamlined for aerodynamic crossbars and is compatible with universal locks.

The Yakima BigStack for transporting four canoes and four kayaks is a versatile, foldable rack designed to fit on the roof of your vehicle. If you are only transporting kayaks for an occasional trip, the Yakima BigStack can fit four kayaks on the top of an equinox and carry three additional kayaks in the rear.

The Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier is a great choice for transporting four kayaks on top of your Chevy Equinox. Its sturdy, ratchet straps help secure your kayaks while you drive. And the carrier comes with a fold-down design and guidelines for securing your kayaks. When you are ready to take on your next expedition, make sure you get a Yakima BigStack for transporting four kayaks on top of an equinox.

Nautic Stack

A rack is necessary for safely transporting four kayaks on the roof of your vehicle. You can use the Nautic Stack arm to carry two kayaks on one rack, or you can place a third one on top of the second. To transport four kayaks on one rack, you must first measure the width of each kayak and the length of the crossbars on your vehicle.

To secure the kayaks on the rack, you should use cam straps. Place the buckle on the side of the crossbar and loop the end under the crossbar. Make sure that the strap is tied tightly and the kayaks are secure. Do not forget to check it for slipping after a few miles. The straps will loosen during your trip, so be sure to secure them tightly.

Another way to secure four kayaks on the roof of your Chevrolet Equinox is to install a roof rack. This accessory is designed for the Equinox and will fit over most crossbars. The center post is padded to protect the kayaks and can be folded down for storage. There are many roof racks available on the market that fit most cars, but only a few have the right fit for kayaks.

Before you purchase a roof rack, you should decide on the type of attachment. The most secure attachment is a factory-installed roof rack, but if you aren’t able to find one, you can build one yourself. It’s a hassle, but it’s worth it if you plan to transport your kayaks on a regular basis. If your vehicle does not have a roof rack, you can use pool noodles or other lightweight materials.

Yakima Hullavator Pro

When you have four kayaks, you need to find a carrier that is big enough for them. The Yakima Hullavator Pro is one of the most popular options for kayak carriers, and you’ll want to get one for your vehicle, too. This carrier comes with eight padded touch points to secure each kayak. It also comes with everything you need to install the rack, including all of the straps.

A rack designed to carry four kayaks on top of a Jeep can be expensive, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you’ll want to look for another option. Yakima makes several different types of kayak racks, and the Hullavator Pro is a good option if you’re not concerned about space.

If you’re looking for a car kayak carrier that can fit four kayaks on top of an equinox, you might want to consider the Thule Hullavator Pro. It has thick padded bars and a ratchet bow that makes loading a kayak much easier. The rack is versatile and folds down for storage. The polypropylene load straps make sure that the kayaks don’t wobble.

The Thule Hullavator Pro is a good choice if you’re planning to take kayaking trips on your own. With eight padded contact points, this rack reduces the height of kayak loading by 40 inches. Once loaded, it can be secured with straps and reduces the weight by 40 pounds. It’s designed for vehicles with Thule crossbars, so make sure your vehicle is compatible with the rack before buying it.

Thule Hullavator

I recently purchased a Thule Hullavator for transport of four kayaks on my Equinox. It’s one of the most convenient and elaborate water sport racks. The rack’s lowers to your hip level for easy loading of the kayaks. I also use it to transport stand-up paddle boards. I would highly recommend this rack to anyone who wants to transport four kayaks on top of their Equinox.

The Hullavator has eight padded touchpoints to secure the kayak and is capable of holding a 75-pound weight. It is a durable product made of double-coated steel and aluminum and supports a kayak with eight straps. Each Hullavator is adjustable for width, and you can install two carriers per vehicle. The Hullavator comes with installation instructions and everything you need to install it. Installation is easy, and the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty.

My Equinox has a Thule Hullavator Pro. The Hullavator Pro is ideal for solo kayak trips. It has eight padded contact points for easy loading and unloading of a kayak. It can handle kayaks up to 36″ wide. This rack is compatible with most Thule crossbars, and is lightweight enough to fit four kayaks on the roof of an Equinox.

The Thule Hullavator makes loading and unloading a kayak easy. Using a gas strut system, the Hullavator lowers the kayak loading height by 40 inches. The Hullavator is also lightweight, allowing the kayak to sit waist height on the vehicle’s side. Once loaded, the kayak can be secured with straps.


Stackers for transporting four kayaks are an effective way to store the boats on the roof of your vehicle. This type of rack allows you to stack the kayaks side-by-side, taking up 50% less crossbar space. They are easy to install, secure, and affordable. Stackers can be used for a variety of different kayaks, including recreational and touring kayaks. The racks are compatible with most car roofs and can fit any type of vehicle with crossbars.

Depending on the size of your car, you can fit up to four kayaks on one Malone Stacker. This rack system comes with tie-down straps and oversized padding to protect your kayaks from being crushed or damaged during transport. Stackers for transporting four kayaks on top of an equinox can be fitted on most factory crossbars. The system is compatible with both round and oval crossbars and requires no tools to install.

Stackers for transporting four kayaks can be attached to the top of an equinox with an integrated kayak carrier. The Stacker 830 can hold three to four kayaks, and has slots for threading the kayak straps through. The front arm of the rack should be used to lay down the kayak straps, and the rear arm should be used to secure the upper kayak.

The Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier is the perfect rack for four kayaks on an Equinox. It is made of thick steel tubing, which fits perfectly on most crossbars. It comes with two aluminum stacker racks and ratchet straps for two kayaks. Both racks are adjustable and fold down to maximize space.

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