How to Transport Four Kayaks on Top of My Equinox

how to transport four kayaks on top of my equinox

Many new kayakers wonder how to transport four kayaks on the roof of their equinox. The obvious answers are to buy rope and strap your kayaks to the roof of your vehicle. However, this method is risky and you may wind up damaging your kayaks or the roof of your vehicle. There are better options that you should consider. The following article will give you some tips to safely transport four kayaks on your equinox.

Ratchet straps down with bow and stern load straps at an angle

When securing a vessel, ratchet straps help ensure a secure hold for your cargo. They make it easy to secure your cargo without the risk of it moving during transport. Ratchet straps come in many different styles and can be adjusted according to the size of the cargo. Some straps have built-in wrappers that are permanently attached to the strap. The strap should not be tied to plastic parts of the vehicle, like the hood loop strap. Moreover, the strap should be taut and secured with end-fittings, like a flat hook or chain anchors. Be sure to keep excess webbing away from the ratchet, as it will jam the ratchet when tightened.

The ratchet straps must be secured by first locking them. If the load is very heavy, it is recommended to use multiple straps, as the tension from the straps may be too great to bear. Otherwise, the ratchet straps are also available in combination with G70 chain or winch straps. To unlock the ratchet, you must pull it through the axle slot.

Ratchet straps are polyester webbing that are positioned at an angle over the piece of cargo being secured. They are not compatible with large cargo, but they are suitable for securing small and medium-sized loads. Ratchet tie-down straps come in a wide variety of end-fittings depending on what kind of anchor points you have on board.

Inflatable or foam pads are good

If you don’t have a roof rack on your car, you can buy temporary kayak roof racks. These are incredibly convenient and can be made from swimming pool foam and ratchet straps. The best temporary kayak roof racks will protect your car’s roof while providing the necessary safety. Most of these racks have an inflatable pad to keep your kayaks secure. You can even use the inflatable pad to transport a single kayak.

For the most protection, you should purchase roof racks. The racks can help you load and unload your kayaks easily. Some have a roller bar for resting your kayak, and you can simply push the kayak over the rack. Make sure to check your kayaks after fifteen minutes of driving so that you can secure them properly. If they’re too loose, they can fall off and cause accidents.

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