How to Transport Four Kayaks on Top of My Equinox

how to transport four kayaks on top of my equinox

I’m wondering how to transport four kayaks on the back of my Equinox. Here are some tips to ensure safety: use tie-downs or ratchet straps, and attach bow and stern lines. Make sure the truck’s hitch is tight. Make sure you know how to tie a trucker’s hitch. Check the straps after about fifteen minutes. It’s possible that the kayaks will come loosening during the drive.


I have been using tie-downs for transporting four kayaks with a truck for years. These are great for securing your kayaks to the truck without having to unhook them. However, they are not perfect. I found that some of them were too loose. So, I had to tighten them further. That was a huge pain, so I decided to get a hood loop.

First, you have to secure your kayaks properly. A roof rack with tie-downs will secure the kayaks in place, but you can also use ratchet straps. However, make sure they are long enough and made of different materials. Lastly, you can also use rope. This may take some practice, but once you get it right, it will be a breeze to get to the water.

If you’re looking for a carrier that will work on your Equinox, I highly recommend the Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier. It features thick padded bars and ratchet straps for additional security. It is also foldable, which makes it a versatile vehicle accessory. You can use it with four kayaks.

Once the kayaks are strapped on, it’s time to attach the tie-downs. Make sure the kayaks are centered on the rack, with the heaviest section of the kayak supported by the rack. Each crossbar will have a strap for each kayak. You’ll want to wrap the straps around each crossbar, and then place the ends over the kayak and over the car. Remember to not use the buckle that has a metal buckle, as it may scratch the paint.

If you have a second set of hands, make sure you’re prepared to lift a kayak. It’s much easier with two people and the two-person system. Generally, paddlers prefer loading their kayaks parallel to the car and not parallel to it. But it’s always best to get help when loading them. Once they’re loaded on the vehicle, they simply need to push the stern up off the ground and slide forward onto the roof rack.

Ratchet straps

Ratchet straps are a great way to secure kayaks on a car roof. They also prevent them from moving backwards, forwards, or sideways. They secure the kayaks securely to the car tow spots and are great for transporting multiple kayaks. Make sure you tighten the straps well, and don’t over-tighten them.

For extra stability, you should use ratchet straps that have multiple lengths. These straps act as tie-down mechanisms for the kayaks. To get the best results, make sure you buy different sizes and have extra length on each strap. You can also use rope, but it’s better to know about trucker’s hitches before you use it. Whatever way you choose to load your kayaks, remember that you can always ask someone else to assist.

If you are unable to find a car that fits your car and kayaks, you can try using pool noodles. They’re light enough to carry, but won’t make the vehicle tip over, so it’s better to get two people to do this job for you. A pool noodle will provide a sturdy base and protect the kayaks.

To secure four kayaks on a car, you’ll need to install two kayak racks. Make sure you get two with one crossbar, and use the other three for the other. Then, you can attach the kayaks to the rack. Once your kayak rack is in place, you’re ready to get on the road. Just remember not to overload the racks or you’ll end up damaging them. The best way to test the straps is to shake the kayak to make sure it’s secured properly.

Bow and stern lines

I’ve learned to use bow and stern lines to secure my four kayaks on the roof of my Equinox. These aren’t there to tighten the kayaks onto the vehicle, but rather to keep them from thrusting forward and flying through the windshield. When using these lines, be sure to tie them taut but not too tight. You can purchase these from a sporting goods store or online.

First, I secured my kayaks on the roof of my vehicle using a pad that is 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches high. This pad protected my car from scratches and was a good size. To prevent the kayaks from moving while traveling, I also used straps and safety ropes. The straps and ropes secure the kayaks to the vehicle without wobbling and whistles at highway speeds.

Next, I tied down all four kayaks using cam straps. These lines are about 12 feet long and should be long enough to hold the kayaks in place. When they’re on top of the car, it’s important to use two straps on each crossbar. And don’t forget to secure the stern and bow lines to the kayaks.

Once I’d secured the stern and bow of each kayak, I put the strapping system into place. I use ratchet straps to secure the kayaks to the car, which prevents a high-pitched howling sound from escaping the vehicle. In the end, I placed the four kayaks on top of each other and secured them to the car using the straps.

Truck bed

There are several different options for securely transporting your kayaks in the truck bed. You can purchase a kayak rack that consists of a telescoping lumber rack with crossbars near the front and tailgate. The load stops on the rack will guide you in loading your kayaks. If you’re planning on transporting more than one kayak, you may also want to consider purchasing a truck bed extender. The extender will extend the length of the truck bed, providing additional secure tie down points for your kayaks.

If you plan on transporting four kayaks, you may want to purchase a truck bed extender. This piece of equipment combines a roof rack system and a truck bed rack. This type of rack secures your kayak in place and prevents it from rolling around the truck bed. You can also invest in padding under your kayak to protect it while you’re driving. You can also purchase a truck bed extender that will allow you to transport four kayaks on top of your truck bed.

While there are other options, you may want to purchase a truck bed rack that is designed for expedition gear or cargo. Truck bed racks have multiple points to tie down cargo and keep it out of the way of other items in your vehicle. Make sure the kayaks fit between the crossbars and don’t exceed 70 percent of the weight capacity of your truck. If you’re not sure how to get your kayaks into the truck bed, check your owner’s manual or visit your local car dealer.

When transporting four kayaks on top of your truck bed, you should first secure the bow and stern of the kayaks. If you’re not sure how to secure bow and stern lines, you can purchase a kayak carrier that can secure the bow and stern of each kayak. In addition to this, you should attach a red flag to the kayak carriers if required by law.

Roof rack

When transporting kayaks, you should use roof racks, which can make the process much easier. There are many different styles of roof racks available, and you can find one to fit your style and your car. If you are looking to transport four kayaks, here are some tips:

First, make sure you have enough space for all four kayaks. To fit four kayaks on the roof rack, you will need four cradles, or cam straps. Make sure to secure them securely with stern tie-down straps, and be sure to tie the kayaks down. Stacker kayak racks have two vertical bars. These are more expensive than traditional kayak racks, but will work well for most types of kayaks.

One of the most common options is to mount a kayak rack on the roof. Many roof racks are capable of accommodating two full-sized kayaks, but you may want to get a separate rack for the center kayak. Another option is to purchase roof racks specifically made for kayaks. These roof racks are very durable and can handle many weights. Just make sure you check the dimensions of your roof rack before buying one.

If you are looking for a roof rack for your Equinox, BRIGHTLINES roof racks are designed to fit Chevy Equinox vehicles without roof side rails. They are made from aluminum and feature a sleek aerodynamic shape. They are compatible with T-slot accessories like bike racks. You can load up to 165 lbs onto these rails, evenly distributed. Each rack comes with the required straps and accessories.

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