how to transport four vertical kayaks on top of my 2013 equinox extendable bars

How to Transport Four Vertical Kayaks on Top of My 2013 Equinox Extender Bars

I have a 2013 Equinox and am wondering how to transport four vertical kayaks on top. Luckily, my extendable bars are a perfect fit for this task! Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your extended bars: fishing kayaks with pedals

First, make sure that you are using the right side of your kayaks. If they are not, you will need to put them on upside down. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of accessories stuck on the rack. The side handles are useful for this because they normally mount at the midpoint of the kayak. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing anything or getting it all twisted up.

Next, you need to secure the bow and stern lines of each kayak. Use a rubber band or bungee cord and attach it through the handle. Once secure, tie the bow line around the vehicle’s front bumper. Most vehicles have a hook or latch installed by the factory. Another way to secure the kayaks is to attach the hood loop strap underneath the hood of the vehicle using the existing bolt. Then, loop the anchor strap under the hood. If the rear door is closed, the bungee cords will be lodged inside.

Another solution is to use the extend-a-truck system. You can extend the bars vertically behind the tailgate of the vehicle and add a single crossbar over the cab. This way, you can transport four vertical kayaks above the truck and still have space in the bed for other equipment. Alternatively, you can buy a trailer that’s wider and has an extendable bar system.

The J-shaped carrier is designed specifically for the Equinox. Made of thick steel tubing, the carrier fits on most of the standard load and cross bars. It has two tie-down straps to prevent overhang and is easy to install. The polypropylene load straps are sturdy and won’t rust. It also comes with a red flag, which can help you prevent overhang when securing your kayaks.

Another option is a roof rack that features removable crossbars. These roof racks are often the most stable, as they have the proper weight distribution ratio and can be secured. However, side rail roof racks require crossbars for stability. Lastly, you need to choose an appropriate attachment for your kayak. Saddles are typically the most secure because they offer a “hugging” grip to the kayak bottom.

Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to fit more than one kayak on the roof rack. The best way to transport four vertical kayaks on top of my 2013 Equinox extendable bars is to make use of a roof rack system that fits on the vehicle’s roof. Make sure that you install the appropriate rack for your vehicle model. There are many options available.