how to transport kayaks without a roof rack

How to Transport Kayaks Without a Roof Rack

If you have a car without a roof rack, you can easily transport your kayaks by using a kayak carrier. Most kayak carriers are equipped with straps for secure attachment to the roof. They are perfect for long trips, vacations, and camping. These carriers also offer convenient storage options for kayaks. However, you must use extra care when transporting them. Always ensure that the kayak straps are secure before driving or parking. Fishing Kayaks

Another good way to transport your kayak without a roof rack is to use a utility trailer. This trailer is low to the ground and is easier to load than a roof rack. You can tie the kayak to the trailer’s structure, which can make the transporting process easier. Utility trailers are often equipped with cleats and enough anchor points. If you don’t have a utility trailer, there are plenty of options.

For the most secure transport, you can use ratchet straps. These are long nylon straps with buckles on the ends. If you want to use them to tie down two kayaks, you can purchase them at automotive or hardware stores. However, you must ensure that they are secure enough to prevent the kayaks from tipping over and causing damage. It’s a good idea to use ratchet straps when transporting two kayaks.

Another option is to use pool noodles. It’s best to position the kayak so the bow or stern of the kayak faces the direction of the car’s travel. Make sure to secure it with ratchet straps, if you’re transporting two kayaks. You should also have the doors open, in case of emergency. A roof rack may be an expensive option, but it is definitely worth the money spent.

If you plan to drive long distances with your kayak, it’s best to invest in a roof rack. However, if you don’t have one, there are still several options to transport your kayak safely. If you have a car without a roof rack, you can simply fit the kayak in a hatchback or SUV with folded back seats. You can also use a ratchet strap to secure your kayak to the roof of your car.

A foam block is another way to secure your kayak to your vehicle. It’s similar to pool noodles, but it’s sturdier. Simply place the blocks under the vehicle’s roof and secure them with rope or string. If you’re worried that the kayak may get knocked over, you can always try using two blocks. Just make sure to adjust the width of the blocks accordingly.