hummingbird 120 fish finder

The Hummingbird 120 Fish Finder

The Hummingbird 120 fish finder is a portable, affordable, and versatile device that can easily be mounted on small boats. Its unique OneTouch control allows for easy navigation of all features on board. Whether you’re fishing alone or with a partner, the 120 Fishin’ Buddy can help you find and target fish. Its LCD display allows you to see the temperature and bottom of the water, which is especially important if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water. 2 person fishing kayaks

The Hummingbird 120 Fishin’ Buddy features a better head unit than its 110 cousin, which is also the most expensive version. The newer model also features a higher-resolution display with 8 levels of grayscale. It also has a 4-inch diagonal display. The 120 features a better display than the 110, with 240×160 pixel resolution. The fish symbol and distance are displayed for a minimum of five seconds.

The Humminbird 120 has Dual Beam technology, which isn’t the latest innovation but is still useful. This device uses two separate frequency cones emitted by the transducer. The narrow beam gives excellent detail of the bottom structure, while the wider beam allows better fish detection. However, it is not possible to run both frequencies at the same time. Nonetheless, Dual Beam technology does provide more depth coverage and is useful for many fishing scenarios.