hummingbird fish finders 678

Humminbird Fish Finders 678c

The Humminbird 678c features a 5-inch color VGA display with split screen and zoom. The unit also comes with a bottom lock for convenience. Its dual beam plus sonar has a wide and narrow coverage range. Its water depth capability is 350 feet. best fish finders 2022

Its fish-identification system (Fish ID+) uses advanced sonar processing to distinguish fish from clutter. It includes selectable display colors and viewing options, as well as a convenient instant imaging update that gives you the most recent information underwater. It also has a tilt and swivel mount and a quick-disconnect mounting system. Plus, it supports future upgrades and improvements.

Another feature of the Humminbird 678c HD DI is a 5″ color backlit display. The display has a 640V x 480H resolution for amazing clarity. In addition, the 678c HD Fishfinder has a X-Press Menu system that integrates advanced sonar features. It also comes with an in-dash mount and a 500-watt RMS power source.

If you need to find fish quickly, a HD DI fish finder is an ideal option. Its dual beam plus sonar is capable of operating at two frequencies – 83 kHz and 60deg for a wide scan, and 200 kHz and 20deg for a narrower scan. A Transom XNT 9 20 T transducer is standard. A PC connect option is also included.