hummingbird fish finders 788ci

The Hummingbird Fish Finders 788ci

The Humminbird 788ci is a chartplotter fish finder combo that includes a five-inch color display, built-in 500-watt sounder, and 50 channels of GPS and mapping. It also features built-in Unimaps and a SD card slot so you can download maps. Aside from its GPS capabilities, the 788ci is also equipped with a split screen and three programmable preset buttons. raytheon fish finders

The Hummingbird 788ci has an HD Combo with a five-inch color display. Its 50-channel internal GPS is equipped with both graphical and text maps. It also comes with a 3,000-waypoint memory and a built-in UniMap which covers the entire contiguous U.S. coastline and hundreds of thousands of small lakes. Users can also share the GPS and the sonar through an Ethernet connection.

The Humminbird 788ci features SwitchFire technology, which filters returns to make them easier to read in shallow water. In deep water, the SwitchFire is set to the maximum sensitivity, while in shallow water, the sensitivity is reduced. This helps you see fish and structure in great detail. Split Screen Zoom lets you zoom into a specific area, while the Full View is retained on the left side of the screen.

Another benefit of the Humminbird 788ci is its affordability. For under six hundred dollars, you can purchase the combo with Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and SwitchFire technology. Regardless of how much you plan to spend, this combination of features is a great deal. You won’t regret purchasing this fishing tool. Its price makes it worth considering for your next boat purchase. But before you buy your Humminbird, consider purchasing a portable version instead.

The Humminbird 788ci also features a customizable color display that gives you the option to use one of three background palettes. You can use white for normal coloration while blue and black for dark nighttime viewing. The 788ci has the ability to save trackpoints and clear them anytime you need them. It also offers the ability to store up to 50 trackpoints. A few more colors are available for sonar and chart viewing.

Aside from a wide screen, the 788ci is equipped with a switchfire sonar technology, which improves the clarity of the pictures on the display. It can also record underwater events, such as the movement of fish. It has a 640×640 pixel resolution. So, no matter what type of fish you’re looking for, you can be confident that your new fishing tool has the features you need.