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Ice Fish Finders – How to Find Fish on Craigslist

An ice fish finder is a great way to find fish, but it does take a little practice to use. A decent model will have lots of on-screen information, as well as built-in depth finders. They should be waterproof and have a zipped accessory pouch to store your fishing gear. You can also connect your device to your smartphone through Bluetooth wi-fi. fish finders with side imaging

One of the major advantages of an ice fish finder is its portability. You can fish from a location that is just a few feet away, or you can hike miles to reach it. In summertime, this is not such a big deal, but it can be a significant issue in the wintertime.

You should also choose a reputable ice fish finder that is rated for colder temperatures. You should avoid buying a low-priced model that doesn’t work well in icy conditions. It is also important to choose a model that has mapping and GPS.

SCHEELS sells the latest models of ice fish finders. These fish finders include sonar flashers that help you mark fish and get a digital readout of their depth. Many of these units also include GPS maps, making them useful for ice fishing.