infrared fish finders

Infrared Fish Finders

If you are a fisherman who likes to use a fish finder, you might be interested in an infrared model. Infrared fish finders can detect fish even when the water is dark. They work by using a camera and a transmitter to send ultrasonic waves to the fish. These waves are then reflected back to the fish finder and converted into an electrical signal. The signal is sent to a processor unit to be processed and then displayed on the screen. The strongest reflections are shown in orange, while weaker ones are shown in green. handheld fish finders

Another great feature of infrared fish finders is their camera. The HD camera has clearer definition than the older versions, and the infrared LEDs are a huge help when fishing at night. They also have a waterproof case that can easily be carried around. The battery can last for up to eight hours when fully charged.