jon boat fish finder mount

How to Choose a Jon Boat Fish Finder Mount

If you have a jon boat, you’ll need a specialized mount for your fishfinder. You don’t have to replace your entire trolling motor or rigging system, but you will need a fish finder to install it. Fortunately, there are some simple options to help you mount your fishfinder. The simplest way to mount a fish finder is to put it on your trolling motor. Then, just mount the fishfinder’s transducer to the trolling motor. fishing Kayaks for sale

There are many different options for jon boat fish finder mounts. Some of them offer more versatility and can be installed near your console, while others are mounted on your hull. You can also purchase pedestal mounts and attach them to your boat. Both of these have tilt and swivel options, which are great if you like to move the mount around to watch fish. But the most important consideration when choosing a mount for your jon boat fish finder is its placement.

A gimbal mount is another option for a jon boat fish finder mount. This mount consists of a base mounted on your boat, and a display that attaches to the top of it. Depending on your preference, you can tilt or swivel it to keep it level. Some gimbal mounts even feature an adjustable gimbal, so you can adjust it to watch fish while standing or sitting.

A dash bridge mount, also known as a dash mount, allows you to easily install your jon boat fish finder. This mount is a popular choice for bass and fishing boats. Because it has a small base and multiple arm lengths, it’s easy to use. However, you should keep in mind that a RAM Ball & Socket mount is best suited for a smaller fish finder. Its base may become loose over time, which may result in locator slippage.