lowrance fish finder mounts

Lowrance Fish Finder Mounts

If you’re looking for a way to mount your Lowrance fish finder, you may want to consider a Lowrance Fish Finder Mount. These mounts replace the factory base of many Lowrance fish finders and use a LockNLoad mounting system. These lowrance mounts are compatible with Lowrance Elite and Hook models. Other compatible brands include Scotty Fishing Products, YakGear, and Jonny Boats. fishing kayaks with pedals

To install a Lowrance fish finder, use one of the many available mounting options. Some mounts are removable, so you can easily remove it for cleaning or storing. Some are permanent. Permanent mounts require pouring silicone around the cable hole. You may need to use duct tape to protect the cable from leakage. Once the mount is installed, make sure to check the display for proper orientation. If it’s too high, you may want to consider installing a binnacle mount instead.

RAM mounts offer versatility and are a great option for boats with limited space. They can be placed on the hull, near the console, or even on the transom. A pedestal mount raises the unit a bit and has tilt and swivel features. Several other mounting options include a flush mount kit. However, if you’re not sure of which type of mount you need, it may be helpful to ask your salesperson or boat manufacturer for some recommendations.

A pedestal mount is ideal for smaller boats, and is another popular choice. A pedestal mount extends up from the boat’s deck, and can be used as a pedestal or gimbal mount. These mounts are durable and provide a convenient location for your primary fish finder. It’s also useful for those who want to use their finder during rough waters. One drawback of pedestal mounts is that they must be removed when traveling or transporting.

Gimbal mounts are another popular choice. They consist of a base mounted to the boat, and the fish finder attaches to the top. This mount will allow the locator to be tilted and swiveled, and may not be stable enough for your needs. If you don’t have a lot of room on your boat, a RAM mount may be your best option. It can even be mounted next to the console or in front of the trolling motor.

There are different Lowrance Fish Finder Mounts available. There are also swivel mounts. They’re perfect for flat surfaces above the steering wheel, but they’re also the cheapest. The transducer should extend about an eighth of an inch above the boat’s hull. Those with aluminum or fiberglass hulls should make sure that the transducer is at least a couple inches below the surface.