lowrance paper graph fish finders

Lowrance Paper Graph Fish Finders

Lowrance’s paper graph fish finders offer some of the industry’s best features at a very affordable price. Lowrance offers two models that are both easy to use and offer a wide range of features. While one is for serious anglers, the other is for recreational fishermen who just want to enjoy the sport of fishing. best cheap fish finders

The paper graph fish finders were popular for many years, but in the 1980s, LCD devices began challenging Lowrance’s leadership in the industry. These devices were also sold at subsidized prices and caused the company to experience a $2.2 million loss in 1985. In addition, sales fell from $37.5 million in 1984 to $33.7 million in 1985.

Advanced anglers can benefit from the latest technology, which combines detailed charts with current and tide information. However, for inshore fishing, a basic GPS will do the job just fine. Lowrance offers affordable options for both kinds of fish finders, including the portable transducer, which gives shore anglers and small boat anglers a color display, and a basic GPS.

Lowrance initially partnered with a larger manufacturer on the West Coast to produce 2,000 paper graph fish finders. However, the Lowrance family was dissatisfied with the quality of the product and decided to produce the product themselves in 1959. In order to meet customer demand, Lowrance built a factory to produce the Lowrance Fish Lo-K-Tor.

Aside from the paper graph fish finder, there are other advanced options that you can choose from. For example, some models include 360 sonar, which rotates around to provide a 360-degree image of the water. This technology is more expensive than the paper graph fish finders, but it makes for a superior fishing experience.