marcum m1 fish finder

The Marcum M1 Fish Finder Review

If you are interested in purchasing a new fish finder, the MarCum M1 is a great choice. This advanced model has a 20-degree transducer cone angle that makes it easy to spot fish that are disinterested in your current location. It has a two-year system warranty and comes with the most advanced soft pack in the business. The MarCum M1 fish finder provides excellent performance and value for money. best inflatable fishing kayaks

This new fish finder is more than capable of pinpointing the depth and type of water, it also has a flasher that lets you see your lure. A flasher will display a tiny blip that will change as fish approach it. The new Marcum M1 flasher is well made and modern, and it comes with a long-life battery. The unit can be charged from a wall outlet, or the provided cable.