mounts for garmin fish finders

Types of Mounts For Garmin Fish Finders

There are various types of mounts for Garmin fish finders. There are flat surface mounts, swivel mounts, and arm mounts. The flat surface mount is the most durable type, but lacks the arm and tilt features of a traditional mount. Swivel mounts use a metal base and swivel mechanism to mount the fish finder. fish finders on amazon

Another type of mount is the pedestal mount. This one raises the fish finder several feet, reducing neck strain. However, it can limit your view while driving. This mount is made for the Striker model, but will not work with the Helix 7 model. If you are using a Helix 7 model, you will need to purchase an adaptor plate separately.

The iBOLT mount is another popular choice, because it is versatile and easy to integrate. It is ideal for fish finders and other photographic equipment. It comes with a 1/4-inch camera screw pattern and allows you to easily attach the camera. It also features an industry-standard 2-hole drill hole pattern, and vehicle-specific AMPS pattern. The mounts are made with durable materials and provide maximum security.

If you don’t want to permanently mount the fish finder, you can buy a flush mount. However, these are only useful for smaller boats with limited mounting space. They won’t hold a large electronic unit. Flush mount kits come with all of the necessary hardware, and some include gaskets and brackets.

Gimbal mounts are another common type of mount. This type of mount includes a base that is mounted on the boat. The display then attaches to the top of the base. The display can be tilted and swivelled. Some gimbal mounts also have an extended gimbal for the user to adjust it while standing or sitting.

For those who want a compact mount, the Railblaza mount is a great choice. It includes a 3 axis adjusting system and a predrilled mounting plate. It is also extremely sturdy and popular among big water anglers. However, it can cost several times more than comparable RAM mounts.