Nigel Dennis – Who Founded NDK Kayaks?

who founded ndk kayaks

Have you ever wondered who founded Nigel Dennis Kayaks? Have you ever wondered what a Nigel is and why the NDK EXPLORER is so much fun to paddle? In this article, you’ll learn a bit more about Nigel Dennis and what makes these kayaks so much fun to paddle. You’ll also get an idea of some of the designs that you’ll want to try, including the Romany Classic and the Nigel Explorer.

Nigel Dennis Designs

The genesis of Nigel Dennis Kayaks can be traced back to the man who invented them – the expedition sea kayaker, and designer – who spent four years working on his dream boat – Playmate. He wanted to introduce sea kayaking to the remotest parts of the Outer Hebrides, and show people the world from a different perspective. The Playmate would store the kayak fleet, and allow members to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective.

The company was founded in Holyhead, North Wales, and has since designed and manufactured a range of sea kayaks. Nigel Dennis is a BCU coach and a world-class expedition expert. The Nigel Dennis name is synonymous with British sea kayak design, and despite the change of name to Sea Kayaking UK, the original Nigel Dennis designs have been a perennial favorite among paddlers worldwide.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks

Nigel Dennis is an adventurer and sea kayak designer. He spent four years designing his dream boat, the Playmate, so he could take sea kayakers to remote locations such as the Outer Hebrides and show them the landscape from a new perspective. The Playmate would store a fleet of kayaks, allowing its members to enjoy the scenery and explore the ocean on the water. But there is a lot of hype surrounding this kayak, so how does it stack up against its competitors?

Dennis began designing kayaks after completing numerous expeditions. He soon began improving the design of kayaks by incorporating features such as a keyhole cockpit and an offset day hatch. These innovations allowed people to paddle comfortably in the kayak without worrying about snagging the seat. He has also used the kayaks to complete televised expeditions around Cape Horn. These expeditions have inspired kayakers from around the world to take up sea kayaking.

The keyhole cockpit and sloping bulkhead were among the innovations he introduced into sea kayaks. He is an enthusiastic enthusiast and aspiring coach of many top sea kayakers. His experience in sea kayaking shaped the design of his boats, which were the first in the world to feature these innovations. He has also designed a number of kayaks that feature a keyhole cockpit and a strategic day hatch.

The name Nigel Dennis Kayaks has other meanings. It is an acronym that is used across many industries. NDK is also shortened to NDK. If you’re confused by the meaning of NDK, you can look up the English version at the bottom of the page. This acronym has become so popular that Nigel Dennis Kayaks has sales centres in several countries. So go ahead and try one out!

Romany Classic

The Romany is one of the first sea kayaks to use a keyhole cockpit. Its high volume bow helps reduce plunging into waves and provides confidence-inspiring stability. Originally developed for Nigel Dennis’s school kayaks, the Romany is now the standard sea kayak in many areas. Its newer designs, such as the Avocet, are more exciting than the classic model.

Designed for medium to large paddlers, the NDK RS is designed for surfability and quick turning. The keyhole cockpit gives a great grip, and the sloping rear bulkhead makes it easy to empty the kayak. The Explorer and Romany are two other British sea kayaks that have this feature. The NDK RS has a larger cockpit than the Classic, which makes it perfect for large paddlers.


The NDK Explorer was designed and built by Nigel Dennis, founder of NDK Kayaks. It’s a solid, comfortable touring kayak that does well in rough seas. This kayak is a good first choice for a beginner paddler but it does take some time to get used to and it’s not a fast boat. Nigel Dennis received numerous complaints from paddlers in the Northwest about the Explorer.

The Nigel Dennis Kayaks brand was founded 20 years ago with the design of the Romany and has since expanded into a huge range of sea kayaks. These are still handcrafted in Anglesey, North Wales, and feature Nigel’s design DNA. Sea Kayaking UK continues to manufacture Nigel Dennis’ Explorer sea kayaks and the Pilgrim. The company is also proud to be British, as Nigel Dennis is a former British Canoe Union coach.

Despite its boxy hull profile and 21-inch beam, the Explorer kayak offers excellent stability and is easy to roll. It is a perfect choice for paddlers of medium size. Its overall volume is 313.5 litres, with day hatches at 37.5 and rear hatches at 56 litres. The Explorer has won Readers’ Choice Awards and was named Best Extended Touring Kayak by the Kayak Industry Association in 2008.

The Explorer has excellent initial stability and a comfortable keyhole cockpit. It’s also a fast, easy to paddle boat, with increased rocker. It tracks well and has less weathercocking than many other models. The bow lifts over waves with ease. It also features three hatches on the side and a seat with good visibility. The Explorer is a versatile boat and does exactly what you want it to do.

Sam’s inspiration for kayaking

When Sam was 18 years old, she discovered kayaking. This recreational activity allowed her to regain her confidence and mental health. Gaye Hatfield noticed her natural talent and encouraged her to enter kayaking competitions. Sam eventually competed on state and national levels and became an Australian team member. Then, in 2015, she was noticed by a scout and was offered a scholarship to compete at the World Championships.

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